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Jo No.5

EAT Jo No.5


Jo No.5 High End E.A.T. cartridge. It comes in unmistakeable mint green colour and features a truthful and immersive sound that is pure E.A.T. E.A.T. is very proud to announce its second cartridge creation in history, after the highly acclaimed and successful Yosegi MC. Jo No.5 is an elegant masterpiece, both sonically as well as… Read more »



EAT C-Sharp turntable The successes of the E-Flat motivated EAT to bring an even more elegant and slim turntable to the market. The C-SHARP Thanks to new materials such as Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Elastomer, Eat has designed a new super flat table. The low profile base chassis is made out of highest density MDF…. Read more »