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Proac D2R


D2R ProAc’s flagship stand mount, the Response D2 has been in production for 15 years and has become a perennially popular choice for those seeking a high quality monitor which combines an excellent midrange with good weight and scale. ProAc have now launched the ribbon tweeter version which retains the existing bass driver and features a… Read more »


Proac DT8

From £2000.00

DT8 ProAc invests a great deal of time researching the choice of diaphragm material for their drive units because this is the most important component, transferring cone movement into sound. Some materials excel at certain frequencies and therefore it would prove logical to use more than one type of drive unit material to cover all… Read more »

Proac K3

From £9750.00

K3 The K3 which premiered in Munich 2018, is available now.   This new 2-way floor stander is a more compact and affordable model to compliment the K6 & K8. Background K3 The letter ‘K’ in ProAc’s K Series stands for Kevlar, the cone material used in the manufacture of the K Series drive units…. Read more »

Tablette 10 Signature

Proac Tablette 10 Signature

From £1335.00

Tablette 10 Signature Following the successful launch of the ProAc Tablette 10 ProAc have been developing a Tablette 10 Signature version. It has taken a great deal of time to design a new bass driver with Excel magnet system and their own solid copper phase plug. The result is a bass driver with the Tablette… Read more »


Proac D30S

From £4895.00

D30S ProAc’s new D30S. Still available in a dome or ribbon tweeter – Response D30DS and D30RS respectively ProAc have developed a new bass driver using a cone similar to that used in their Response D48, the cone is made from pulp and Mika and is coated with an acoustic dope it also now has… Read more »

Proac Response DB1

From £1960.00

Response DB1 Small appearance with large stage presence. Meet the New Response DB1. Small mini monitor type loudspeakers have become very popular for those wishing for a high quality sound with a minimal visual effect. Although the mini monitor type speaker can be quite accurate and indeed sound better than many bigger loudspeakers, which obviously… Read more »


Proac k6


K6 Floorstanding speakers. Following the successful incorporation of carbon fibre cone technology in the Carbon Pro Series, ProAc have been researching other materials for possible inclusion in their high end loudspeakers. The results of this research have come to fruition in the shape of the new K series which utilises cones manufactured from the material,… Read more »


Proac D20R


D20R Proac’s smallest Ribbon Tweeter speaker. The Response D18 has proven to be one of ProAc’s most successful loudspeakers receiving critical worldwide acclaim. However, the D18 is only available with a dome tweeter, so to satisfy demand for people wanting a ribbon tweeter ProAc has redesigned the D18 using an upgraded cabinet with new bass… Read more »


Proac D48R


D48R Reference Loudspeakers. After a year in research and development the D48R is now ready for production. Areas of improvement have been mid-range detail and a cleaner, faster and more extended bass response. A new studio monitor quality bass driver was designed for the D48. It features a special impregnated cone and mid frequencies are… Read more »