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Triad Speakers ONWALL MICRO LCR 3.0


ONWALL MICRO LCR 3.0 Triad’s newest 3-in-1 onwall speaker is designed for use with shallow flat-panel televisions.   The OnWall Micro LCR 3.0 is the big brother of the OnWall MicroSat 3.0, offering more bass extension, and almost 5 dB more output, for exciting, dynamic sound. When used without a subwoofer, sound is full and… Read more »

Micro LCR 1.0

Triad Speakers Micro LCR 1.0

£840.00 each

Micro LCR 1.0 The new OnWall Micro LCR 1.0 was designed for use with today’s shallow flat panel televisions. This OnWall speaker offers excellent performance, with high output and clarity. The OnWall Micro LCR 1.0 can be used vertically, flanking a television for a left or right speaker, or horizontally, above or below your flatscreen,… Read more »