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The ElectroMotion ESL (EM-ESL) represents a brave new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker design.


Featuring a full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat™ electrostatic transducer the new ESL performs more like a mini-flagship than an entry level audiophile speaker.


Long time MartinLogan enthusiasts are sure to describe ElectroMotion ESL as the second-coming of the legendary Aerius electrostatic speaker which debuted in 1992 and went on to sell in record numbers.


System priced with standard finish ElectroMotion


Driven by Musical Fidelity M6si


Dual Mono Integrated amplifier.


The M6si has real high-end sound quality.


Because of its power it is effortless and unstressed.


Its stability margins are huge so it will drive any loudspeaker easily.


These are only the bedrock for what the M6si really does: sounding fantastically musical.