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Naim NAC N 272

The NAC N 272 combines Naim’s latest innovations in digital audio technology with classic analogue preamplifier engineering.

It samples the best of both worlds to create an immensely musical hi-fi system.

Paired with the NAP 250 power amplifier, the NAC N 272 is an ideal choice for those seeking the convenience with iOS and Android app control


Naim NAP 250

Few components in the history of hi-fi can match the pedigree of the mighty NAP 250.

First introduced in 1975, its regular updates – both aesthetic and technical – have kept it at the very forefront of power amplifier performance for more than three decades, creating unforgettable musical experiences for countless music lovers worldwide.

The latest NAP 250 lives up to the challenge set by its predecessors.


Proac D48R

Reference Loudspeakers. After a year in research and development the D48R is now ready for production.

Areas of improvement have been mid-range detail and a cleaner, faster and more extended bass response.

A new studio monitor quality bass driver was designed for the D48. It features a special impregnated cone and mid frequencies are tuned by a cap of greater size than standard.

This gives the new unit greater mid-range detail along with excellent bass control giving a tighter and more extended response.