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Luxman L-509X

LUXMAN will soon be releasing a new flagship AB class integrated amplifier L-509X.

Luxman L-509X

Featuring the performance of separate amplifiers in a single unit, this is truly their ideal goal, to have functionality as well as quality.

They have poured all the experience and technology gained from years of developing amplifiers into this upcoming model L-509X.

For audiophiles who are looking for a high quality, multifunctional, but simple system, L-509X is what they are looking for.

Moreover, Luxman L-509X expressive power offers quality relaxing time as well as touches the deep core of your heart so that you can sink into the world of music so deeply.

The latest ODNF version 4.0 provides a fast initial slew rate and wide bandwith with lower distortion. With their 88-step LECUA 1000 attenuator system, sound deterioration is minimised and smooth, accurate volume control is achieved.

The power supply unit is equipped with independent left and right channel large capacity blocking capacitors, equivalent to those in the M-700u power amplifier and, essential to the energy source for audio equipment, the power supply circuit has a robust configuration.

For the pre-amp section, a discretly configured buffer circuit, equivalent to that of their C-900u pre-amp, is installed, improving driving power while maintaining the clarity of the signal.

Regarding the exterior, they have chosen a symmetrical design, centered around a pair of traditional analog level meters. The top panel, with its distinctive ventilation, similar to their flagship power amp, the M-900u, also displays bold functionality.

Large aluminum knobs source selector and volume control, are capped with a hairline finish and blasted white barrels. These combine with the blasted white front panel, matching perfectly as a whole, drawing a beautiful shining contrast upon this high quality exterior.

The design of the Luxman L-509X covers all the possible interior and exterior improvements and promises to impress many audio fans, crossing the boundaries of integrated units and separates.

Retail price will be £8500.00

※ LECUA stands for Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator

※ ODNF stands for Only Distortion Negative Feedback

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