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Chord GroundARAY

Chord GroundARAY

GroundARAY is designed to be connected to an unused socket on a component, it then very efficiently absorbs noise on the signal ground, leading to very noticeable improvements in overall performance.

You can add as many of these to a system as you like, improving performance more and more with each one you add!

Available with many different connection options – XLR (male or female) RCA, USB, HDMI, 5 pin DIN, BNC & RJ45

Like many things in HiFi/AV, it is best to start at the source.

In many cases these days that would actually be the data switch.

From demonstrations that Chord have done, adding the RJ45 model to their English Electric 8Switch or 16Switch makes a marked improvement.

You can then add more to your streamer, other source components, DAC, preamp and so on

You can also add multiple GroundARAYs to a single component and get a significant upgrade in performance as you add more.

SRP for a single GroundARAY is £550 inc Vat

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