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Since the first debut of Esoteric’s  K-01 and K-03 Super Audio CD Players, Esoteric’s integrated digital players have captivated listeners with their unrivaled playback of musical sources. 

They have also gone on to win numerous awards as they have come to be regarded as the gold standard of digital players around the world

Esoteric K-01XD & K-03XD

This new “XD” edition boasts even more advanced features, combining two innovative technologies originally developed for Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso K-1X model: 

VRDS-ATLAS, the superlative Super Audio CD transport mechanism, and Master Sound Discrete DAC, designed completely in-house by ESOTERIC to provide even more enhanced playback from digital musical sources.

New Version of VRDS-ATLAS: ATLAS 01


The K-01XD’s new ATLAS 01 disk transport features a 20mm-thick SS400 steel bridge that is identical to that used in our high-end Grandioso models. 

The mechanism boasts ultra-high rigidity and a weighty design to damp out any vibration that could affect sound quality.

The transport’s duralumin turntable also has a well-earned reputation for excellent sound quality, and its solid steel bridge is larger than that for the VRDS-NEO, using a one-point spindle bearing design that minimises friction and rotational noise through its point-contact thrust bearing, which utilises the same steel ball featured in the high-end models

The incredible dynamic range and resolution achieved by these two technologies deliver thrilling reproduction of symphonic crescendos while reproducing an expansive spectrum of tones and faithfully rendering the subtle details of music with breath taking depth and vivid realism. 

This broad versatility enables anyone to confidently enjoy an endless array of musical genres, from silky-smooth arias to pounding rock tunes. 

Now you too can fully experience a sound brought to life in a new pedigree of components from the name that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts the world over: ESOTERIC.

K-01XD £21000.00
K-03XD £13450.00