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Hegel Compete Range now Available

Music enjoyed on a Hegel system is the closest you can get to the live studio session. 

We are proud to present The Hegel Concept – the first music system in the world that utilises the very latest technology from all related fields, like integrated circuitry, broadcasting technology, and telecommunication. 

More than 10 years of research and development have made it possible to reproduce music in a more natural way than ever before.

Their goal is to give music lovers the most natural and engaging listening experience possible. 

Real-life sound from acoustic instruments and voices from known artists were their preferred reference point while developing Hegel because nothing else would do.

The SoundEngine Technology will cancel crossover distortion found in all types of class-AB amplifiers. 

The human ear is very sensitive to high-frequency distortion components in the music signal. 

The Hegel SoundEngine technology will cancel high-frequency distortion components found in normal types of audio amplifiers. 

All Hegel audio amplifiers are using a new kind of distributed amplifier technology called DualAmp Technology. 

This technology is used in all integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers from Hegel. In normal audio amplifiers, the voltage gain stages and current gain stages are combined in the same amplifier module.

DualAmp Technology from Hegel separates the voltage gain stage and the current gain stage into two completely different stages. 

First, the music signal goes to the voltage gain stage, amplifying only the voltage level of the music signal. 

By doing only voltage gain in this first stage, they can use amplifier building blocks that are specially designed to do voltage amplification. 

After the separate voltage gain stage, they have the current gain stage, doing only current gain and nothing else.

The Hegel Range

Integrated Amplifiers

 H95 2x60W £1500.00

Hegel H90
Hegel H95

 H120 2x75W (Black, White) £2200.00

Hegel H120

 H190 2x150W (Black, White) £3200.00

Hegel H190

 H390 2x250W (Black) £4900.00

Hegel H390

 H590 2X301W (Black) £9000.00

Hegel H590

Pre Amplifiers

 P20 (Black) £2250.00

Hegel P20 Pre-amplifier

 P30 (Black, Silver) £5000.00

Hegel P30 Pre-amplifier

CD Player

 Mohican Reference (Black, Silver) £3900.00

Hegel CD player
Hegel Mohican CD player


Hegel DAC
Hegel HD30 DAC

 HD30 D/A-C. Airplay, DLNA, DSD, dual mono (Black, Silver) £3900.00

Power Amplifiers

 H20 2x200W (Black) £4150.00

Hegel H20 Power Amplifier

 H30 1x1100W Mono (Black, Silver) £11000.00

Hegel Power amplifier
Hegel H30 Power Amplifier

 C55 5x150W 3U/19”rack front (Black) £7200.00

Hegel C55 Multi-channel Power amplifier

 C54 4x150W 3U/19”rack front (Black) £6300.00

Hegel C54 Multi-channel Power amplifier

 C53 3x150W 3U/19”rack front (Black) £5400.00

Hegel C53 Multi-channel Power amplifier


RC8 Remote control Metal £100.00

Hegel remote control

RC10 Remote control Plastic £30.00

More about them here