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Luxman CL 1000

At LUXMAN, they do not consider a technology “advanced” unless it advances your ability to delight in music

That principle reaches its highest expression in the CL-1000, their flagship vacuum tube control amplifier.

Successor to the classic C-1000 released in 1975, the CL-1000 pairs beautifully with the acclaimed MQ-300 vacuum tube stereo power amplifier or M-900 Power Amplifier, for that oh so musical mix of valves and solid state.

Both reflect LUXMAN’s singular expertise in vacuum tube audio.

In the 1960s, when the audio industry moved en masse into transistor amplifiers, LUXMAN recognised the ineffable beauty of the tube music reproduction. And they have continued to build tube components without interruption.

CL 1000 Rear panel

While the CL-1000 salutes the past, it also embodies the best of today with a major step forward in sonic clarity: the transformer-assisted volume control we call LECUTA (Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Transformer Attenuator).

In addition, super permalloy core output transformers contribute to a vivid sound stage. Covered in natural walnut with a rosewood gloss finish, the cabinet lends a touch of warmth and refinement.

All told, the CL-1000 brings advanced technology and musical refinement together in harmony.