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Accuracy, sensitivity, musicality

Welcome to the ultimate expression of musicality. 

Luxman D-10X SACD/ CD player

Luxman’s flagship SACD/CD player, the D-10X builds on the brilliant heritage of their acclaimed D-08u, adding more playback capabilities, the latest conversion technology, a robustly reinforced mechanism and a refined analog output stage.

Introducing LxDTM-i – the LUXMAN original Disc Transport Mechanism (improved).
Here is the world premiere of the ROHM Semiconductor MUS-IC™ BD34301EKV digital-to-analog converter (as of May 2020).
Introducing ODNF-u – Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ultimate) – in a fully balanced output amplifier.

Well-grounded in fundamental principles and endowed with the most advanced mechanical, digital and analog technology, the LUXMAN D-10X opens the curtain on the ultimate soundstage.

Latest LxDTM-i transport

To minimise even the slightest distortions triggered by vibration and resonance, Luxman upgraded the disc drive, creating the LxDTM-i – LUXMAN original Disc Transport Mechanism (improved).

D-10X Mechanism

They enclose the drive in 8 mm thick aluminum sides that extend to the front and rear panels, plus a 5 mm thick steel top plate.

For added protection, the physical mounting system forms an integrated structure that supports the side frame.

Together with an improved disc reading mechanism, the result is playback of an altogether higher order.

ODNF-u balanced analog circuit

Their years of ODNF amplifier development have resulted in ODNF-u – Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ultimate) – which debuts on the D-10X.

This fully balanced configuration maximises error detection accuracy, minimising distortion.

You will hear far greater expressive power with enhanced microdynamics across the audio spectrum, especially in the higher frequencies.

The stage also achieves a natural and smooth waveform without the conventional output filters.

The secret is the tailored, gradual 1st order filter × 3 band processing inside the circuitry.

Superb circuitry deserves a strong chassis.

Luxman d-10x view

To protect the analog signal from changes in ground impedance and magnetic fields, the D-10X incorporates a composite, loop-less chassis.

Well shielded, the chassis is also effective at blocking digital noise.