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Compact D-N150 & SQ-N150

Two new Compact stunningly built products coming soon




Music reproduction of uncanny warmth and beauty

Meticulous vacuum tube engineering

You’ll enjoy surpassingly detailed, open music reproduction thanks to the exceptional linearity of LUXMAN’s P-K split phase inversion circui

SQ-N150 Top View

Elegant design

The 5 mm thick aluminium chassis has a modest “A4” footprint, just 210 x 297 mm, not including projecting parts.




Exceptional playback of Compact Disc and high-res audio files

The D-N150 has the same CD transport as LUXMAN’s highly regarded D-380. Carefully auditioned parts include the power transformer, filtering capacitors, Schottky barrier diodes and LUXMAN’s own Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire. 

The Texas Instruments PCM5102A digital-to-analog converter helps deliver a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB, presenting music against a background very close to absolute silence.

Understated design

The D-N150 has compact “A4” footprint, just 210 x 297 mm, not including projecting parts. 

The 5 mm thick aluminium chassis features an elegant, blasted white finish. Hairline finished controls provide a subtle contrast between white and silver