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The ProAc K6 Signature

The K6 is ProAc’s most successful high-end loudspeaker to date and will remain in production. 

K6 Signature/ Rosewood

The K6 Signature improves on the performance of the K6 with the utilisation of a larger midrange unit and new drive unit layout.  

The new 3 inch ProAc midrange unit has a lighter dome than the existing 2 inch. 

This improvement gives less overhang and less colouration in the midrange and results in a more open and natural sound. 

The new drive unit layout presents the listener with a more expansive sound stage and better dispersion.

The proven K6 bass drivers and ribbon tweeter are retained in the Signature version with a new crossover design to precisely integrate the larger midrange unit and new drive unit layout. 

The launch of the K6 Signature sees the introduction of two new wood veneer finishes exclusive to this model, these are dark eucalyptus and tamo ash. 

These will be offered at the rosewood and ebony price and are only available on the K6 Signature. 

The UK retail price for the K6 Signature is £17,995 for standard veneers and £19,995 for rosewood, ebony, tamo ash and eucalyptus. 

The K6 Signature will be available from May 2019.

K6 Signature