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Various systems split across 3 sections of the house.

Area 1 (Adojo)
Pioneer 503 MXE (plasma)
Living Control MRS (Multi-room controller)
4 Boston Grand Voyager (speakers)
Arcam Diva (DVD player)
Denon Multiplay CD player
Sherbourne 8 channel power amplifier

Area 2 (Kitchen + Bedrooms)
Universal plasma screen with custom bracket
Universal speakers attached to plasma
3 Loewe Spheros 20 LCD TV

Pioneer 503 MXE (plasma)
Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR with PSM (DVD Player)
Tagmclaren AV 32 R 192 (processor)
Tagmclaren 250R x 3 (Power amplifier for front speakers)
Tagmclaren 250R x 2 (power amplifier for rear speakers)
Artcoustic DF 75 (front main speakers)
Artcoustic Multi (centre Channel)
Artcoustic DF 65 (rear speakers)
Miller and Kreisel MX 350 THX x 2(subwoofer)
All cabling by Chord cables

Project Cost: £72000.00