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Previous clients of ours recommended our client’s to us.

Disappointed with the performance of their television, they had purchased a small system to improve the sound performance but this was not up to scratch either and looked a mess.

After our initial site survey it was decided to have a radiator relocated and a bespoke media wall installed. This would aid cable management and give this area a focal point.

As the seating position is off center a motorized wall bracket was fitted so that on start up the television and speaker move out to the desired location.

A fully programmable remote control by Universal was used to eliminate the need for multiple remote controls and one touch operation.

Loewe 46 Compose Individual television

Motorised wall bracket

Artcoustic DF Multi SL, left, centre, right speaker

Rotel RSX 1562 AV amplifier

OPPO BDP 105EU Blu Ray player

Velodyne Microvee Active subwoofer

Universal MX 500 remote

Bespoke Black American Walnut media wall

Spectral BR 1501 Cabinet with subwoofer cut out

All video cabling by AudioQuest and Audio Cabling by Chord

Project Cost: £16000.00