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A previous client of ours had requested a top quality reference Audio system.

After auditioning a few systems the Naim was chosen for its open, transparent sound.

The CD555 CD player with the 555PS power supply delivers the ultimate musical performance from a CD. It makes no attempt to play DVDs, DVD-As or SACDs. It doesn`t have a digital output. Nor does it have a variable output. The CD555 simply plays CDs and at that it excels. We are confident that is the best CD player ever.

The NAC 552 preamplifier is by some distance the most advanced Naim preamplifier ever and has some claim, therefore, to being the best preamplifier, period. Its introduction in 2001 brought with it a new level of technical and musical performance. A Naim design project group began reviewing the existing preamplifier designs exploring possibilities for major design improvement over the existing reference preamplifier, the Naim NAC 52.

The NAP 500 power amplifier came from a design brief requiring an amplifier that could drive any load down to 2 Ohms for prolonged periods, deliver over 100W into 8 Ohms and sound – at the very least – as good as our reference at the time, the NAP135.

Naim Fraim black on black

Transparent Audio Ultra speaker cable

Sonus Faber Amati Homage floor standing speakers

Project Cost: £60000