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Having read about us in numerous magazines our client contacted us and requested a site survey, after various discussions it was decided that a multi room system all controlled via Crestron would be the ideal solution.

During the refurbishment of the property all cabling was run to the relevant positions within the property.

The entire system is either controlled from touch panel wall plates or touch screen remote pads.

Main System Electronics

The cabinet above is temporary unit a bespoke cabinet is on order
PAD 8 A Control (control Processor)
Crestron CP 2E Processor
Crestron CN WP SI Power Supply
CT 1000 Key Pads x 3
CT 1000 BB Back boxes 3
Xantech IR IR Pods 1
Musical Fidelity A5 Kitchen area Power Amplifier
Arcam P 90 Power amplifier
Arcam CD 73 CD Player
Imerge S 2003 3 Zone Soundserver
Arcam DT 91 Dab Tuner
Sky Box
Sky+ Box

TV Room Zone

Pioneer PDP 506 xde” Plasma Television
Denon AVC A 11X AV Amplifier
Denon DVD 3910 DVD Player
M&K S150 Front L+R
Artcoustic DF Multi Centre channel
Artcoustic Diablo Rear speakers
Sunfire True EQ Subwoofer
Sumo Web Tablet Remote Control

Zone 2 Kitchen/Dining

Artcoustic DF-75 Full range Speakers
Artcoustic Diablo
C1 Speakers 1

Zone 3 Masterbed

Pioneer PDP436 XDE Plasma television
Artcoustic C1 front left & Right
Artcoustic Diablo Tech Subwoofer

Zone 4 Lounge

Artcoustic Diablo Speakers
Artcoustic Diablo Tech Subwoofer

The master bedroom system and lounge all processed through Crestron.

The client had requested as much information as possible on the touch pads some of the pages detailed below.

Sky page

DVD Page

Imerge Soundserver page

Project Cost: £43000