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Our clients had previously bought a system for there lounge, and where extending the property to incorporate a discrete cinema system.

Their preference was not to have have too many speakers on show, hence the reason an Artcoustic DF Multi 3 in 1 speaker was used for the front 3 channels, and a pair if In-Ceiling for the rear channels.

Their builders built a bespoke cabinet to our specification, within this cabinet are all the electronics power extension room and lounge.

Loewe Compose 46 (LED television)

Artcoustic DF Multi (left, center, right speaker)

Loewe Blu-Ray (Disc player)

Rotel RSX 1562 (AV amplifier)

Sky HD Receiver

Sonos Connect (Streamer for home cinema system)

Sonos Connect Amp (Streamer with built in amplifier for Lounge)

Artcoustic Target (speakers for Lounge)

Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 SR (in-ceiling rear speakers)

Velodyne Microvee (active subwoofer)

Audio Cables by Chord, Video cabling by Wireworld

Project Cost: £12800.00