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Our clients had come across our website and where originally thinking about putting a plasma based home cinema system in their lounge, after seeing our home cinema room, it was decided they would convert their single garage into a small projection based cinema room.

The brief was simple the best image quality within the budget given and the most transparent sound, for this reason the Runco projector and Naim electronics where specified.

Screen Research 80inch. fixed projection screen

Runco CL 810 DLP Projector

Sunfire CRM 2 Front left, right main speakers

Sunfire CRM 2C centre speaker

Sunfire True Eq signature subwoofer

Naim DVD 5 CD/ DVD player

Naim AV2 Processor/ preamplifier

Naim 150 X Power amplifier (front left and right speakers)

Naim NAPV 175 Power amplifier (Centre & surround speakers)

Lutron GRX 3000

Universal MX 3000 programmable remote control

All video cabling by Wireworld and audio cables by Chord

Project Cost: £27500.00