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Plasma was installed in between windows, with the left & Right speakers on the otherside of the windows We had very high ceilings to work with hence we suggested the compact Sunfire subwoofer All the electronics where placed within a cabinet to the right of the room Cabinet sourced by our clients All equipment housed… Read more »

Maidenhead II

Pioneer PDP 436 XDE Plasma TV Bose Lifestyle 48 system complete Speakercraft weatherproof speakers (Outside balcony) Otherside of the balcony Bose SA 3 amplifiers (powering balcony speakers) Bose PMC Remote control’s with LCD display to ease access to stored CD’s Sky HD receiver Bespoke cabinet Oak (bose subwoofer is housed behind left door of cabinet)… Read more »

Pinkneys Green

Our client prefered not to have the wall chased, as this was a detached property we were able to cable externally. Inside you see this Externally we have run all cables through pipework Cabling to the rear speakers had to go around the house under the patio doors, you can see the pipework, obviously when… Read more »

Richmond Green

Pioneer 436 XDE plasma television Naim DVD 5 CD/ DVD player Naim AV2 Processor/ pre-amplifier Naim 150 X Power amplifier (front left and right speakers) Naim NAPV 175 Power amplifier (Centre & surround speakers) Naim N Sub Active subwoofer (Piano Black) Definitive Technolgy Mythos 5 (left and right front speakers) Definitive Technolgy Mythos 8 (centre… Read more »


Fujitsu P50 XTS Plasma television Denon AVR 4306 receiver/ Amplifier Denon DVD 3910 CD/ DVD player Artcoustic Diablo left & right speaker Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker Artcoustic Diablo Rear speakers Artcoustic Diablo Tec subwoofer Xantech Infra red system All Cabling by Chord Nevo SL Remote control Labour Price quoted excludes cabinets


Pioneer PDP 506 XDE Plasma Television Close fit Plasma mount Bose Lifestyle 48 system DVD & hard drive Bose wall brackets Bespoke False wall panels x 3 Sky + satellite receiver Glass shelves 10 mm Installation manager studying details plans of the room Fireplace wall on arrival Bepsoke wall panels assembled Panels, plasma & speakers… Read more »


Pioneer 436 XDE Plasma television Arcam DV137 DVD player with HDMI Arcam AVR 350 amplifier/ receiver Artcoustic DF 65 Front left & right speakers Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker Artcoustic Diablo rear speaker’s /wp-content/uploads/2015/08/aDiabloMinithumb.jpg Artcoustic Diablo-Tek active subwoofer Artcoustic wall system x 3 Isotek 6 way multi-way Bespoke furniture designed and commisioned by ourselves All… Read more »

Hampton Court

Main Lounge 1 Pioneer PDP 506 XDE Plasma Television I Motorised Plasma wall bracket 1 Bose Lifestyle 48 System 4 Bose wall brackets 2 x Bose SA3 amplifiers 2 x Bose PMC remote controls Bose 251 outdoor speakers All cabling by Wireworld Sky + receiver Futureglass Gem hi-fi stand Bedroom Pioneer 435 XDE existing plasma… Read more »

Surrey Quays

Pioneer 436 XDE Plasma television Denon DVD 3910 DVD player with HDMI Denon AVR 4306 amplifier/ receiver Arcam P1000 power amplifier Artcoustic DF 65 Front left & right speakers Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker Artcoustic Diablo rear speakers Artcoustic DFS 100 wall mounted subwoofer Artcoustic PA 300 mono amplifier Bespoke wall panels x 3 Spectral… Read more »


Pioneer 435 XDE existing Plasma televison Close fit plasma mount Pioneer 989 DVD player with HDMI Pioneer AX 10Ais amplifier/ receiver 6 Bespoke wall panels Artcoustic DF 75 Front left & right speakers Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker Monitor Audio GSFX Bipolar rear speakers Definitive Technology Supercube 1 Sky plus Digital receiver All cabling by… Read more »