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New Naim Uniti

Your Music Collection Reimagined

Introducing the new range of revolutionary all-in-one players by Naim: New Naim Uniti

Inspired by their unfaltering passion for music and enabled by more than 40 years of tireless innovation, Naim Audio introduce the new New Naim Uniti range – their most advanced all-in-one streaming platform.

New Naim Uniti

Combining seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul you can play, stream, rip and store entire music collections in flawless high resolution.

Ready to go with any speaker set up, Uniti gives you instant access, total clarity and no compromise on quality, all within a beautiful one-box form.

The advanced connectivity that Uniti offers will unleash your music wherever it is stored.

Each system is incredibly easy to set up and use; you will find yourself listening to and enjoying more of your favourite artists than ever before.

The new incarnation is unique with bit-perfect ripping and music serve technologies, a completely new and state-of-the-art streaming platform, over-the-air updates, beautiful industrial design and breath-taking sound.

Achieving this didn’t come easy. Excellence rarely does.

Their Salisbury based Research & Development team had to fundamentally deconstruct every historic design and technology decision thee had ever made to challenge themselves and go further, especially in terms of sound quality.

It’s a true ground-up development with their core principles at its heart.

They looked at every single aspect of the product proposition, the electronic architecture, the mechanical enclosure, the user experience and the approach to manufacture and assembly.

The result? A clear step change in every single aspect of the products, a true achievement of excellence.

Uniti’s brand new state-of-the-art technology enables you to experience music like never before.

Rip and store entire collections, play or stream music from any source, at the touch of a button, all with the deep, immersive sound only a Naim system delivers.

The New Uniti range

Uniti Core £1899.00 available now


Uniti Atom £1999.00 available Now  (HDMi version £1849.00)


Uniti Star £3499.00 available now


Uniti Nova £4199.00 Available Now