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Three new products coming soon

The original ARIES Wireless Streaming Bridge and VEGA DAC helped make AURALiC’s name in the high-end audio industry, and this year the company revisits its classic products with a “G” style makeover.

With pricing more similar to the originals than AURALiC’s premium line, it may well be the most economical way to get your hands on some of the company’s latest engineering.

Aries G1 Streaming transporter £1899.00


The brand-new ARIES G1 Streaming Transporter from AURALiC carries on the ARIES tradition of skillfully managing the connections between various sources of high resolution digital music and the rest of your hi-fi system.

ARIES G1 streams high-resolution digital music from local network locations, attached USB storage, Internet streaming sources like TIDAL, Qobuz, and Spotify, and Internet Radio — delivering all of it to your current setup over Wi-Fi

Vega G1 DAC £3299.00

The terrific sound of AURALiC’s first VEGA digital-to-analog converter made it an instant hit when it was released, and this year’s upgrade to the original definitely lives up to an impeccable sonic standard.

But the VEGA G1 Streaming DAC goes a lot further, with integrated streaming functionality and a host of improvements that are, once again, drawn from AURALiC’s top-end lineup.

Leo GX reference Master Clock, from £6499.00

AURALiC has a habit of debuting its latest and greatest in Munich, and this year is no exception.

The company’s brand-new LEO GX Reference Master Clock is a component designed exclusively for global integration with the company’s G Series DAC products — both its VEGA G2 and future higher-performance models.

But LEO GX is very different from traditional audio reference clocks that offer a signal for other devices to synchronise their own clocks with.

In fact, it’s an entirely new type of dedicated clocking component that serves as a complete DAC clock replacement,and it’s capable of catapulting system performance into the stratosphere.