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Fyne Audio Speakers

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The price may be entry level but the F300 range benefits from the very best technical and acoustic expertise in the loudspeaker industry.

Offering a scale of specification and audiophile performance unrivalled at its price, the line-up provides versatility for music lovers or movie enthusiasts.

With a choice of two bookshelf or stand-mount models, two floorstanders, a centre channel and dipole speaker, there are plenty of options to suit a wide variety of listening


Exceptional rigidity is provided on all F300 models through a combination of MDF panels which are cross-braced internally.

Additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low frequency driver’s magnet to the cabinet bracing using a resonant absorbing mastic. Widening the footprint on the floor standing

models, using a plinth with floor coupling spikes, provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging.

High quality, precision components are used within the crossover, including a low loss LF laminated core inductor and HF polypropylene capacitor. The gold-plated speaker terminals

ensure a clean signal path and the top of the range F303 has bi-wire terminals fitted to further enhance performance.

Constructed with a multifibre paper cone on the bass/ midrange unit, the F300 driver is enhanced with their FyneFlute™ technology. Used on the driver’s roll rubber

surround, it provides a non-homogeneous interface which very effectively terminates cone energy.

The tweeter combines a powerful Neodymium magnet system with a 25mm Polyester dome, producing crisp and controlled high frequency detail. Integrated within the protective mesh

cover is a phase loss compensator which delays the output from specific areas of the dome to give a smooth and extended response.

The F300 Series is the perfect choice for those looking for premium performance at a modest price.

The Fyne Audio Speakers range consists of the following F300 £199.00

F301 £299.00

F302 £479.00

F303 £699.00

The F500 series is based around an IsoFlare™ point source drive unit; technology which their Technical Director, Dr. Paul Mills, has had considerable experience with. Fyne Audio Speakers technical team,

responsible for the audio performance and mechanical build of this type of driver, have many decades of experience between them.

Combining Fyne Audio’s IsoFlare™ driver into a rigid cabinet, with a cleverly designed porting system, ensures optimal in-room performance.

Floor standing models in the F500 series use a rigid MDF plinth with large floor coupling spikes, giving stability to ensure well controlled bass performance and further enhancing stereo

imaging.  Additionally, the spikes can be adjusted from above the plinth allowing easier levelling of the speaker. The cabinets are crafted using real wood veneers and are available in choice of dark oak or black oak.

Point Source Technology

Fyne Audio Speakers proprietary IsoFlare™ design ensures constant directivity of the wave front generated, providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis.

Furthermore, a smooth and extended response is delivered thanks to the highly rigid titanium high frequency diaphragm which pushes the break up mode well above the level of human hearing.

BassTrax™ Port System

The bookshelf and floorstanding models employ an internal, downwards-firing port system. Below the port, a Tractrix profile diffuser (patent applied for) converts plain wave port energy to a spherical 360-degree wave front, integrating energy uniformly into the room.

This clever design ensures that the loudspeaker is less critical of room positioning.


Low-loss, laminated core inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors are used exclusively throughout the F500 series crossovers.

The result is an exceptionally clean signal path and very low crossover losses, ensuring the very best in detail resolution and musical communication.

The range consists of the following

F500 £649.00

F501 £1299.00

F502 £1799.00

Fyne Audio F1

The F1-10 is the first model to be introduced from Fyne Audio Speaker’s high-end range currently under development.

The flagship range will incorporate a host of innovative technologies developed by their experienced engineering team at the design and manufacturing facility in Scotland.

Fyne Audio’s proprietary IsoFlare™ driver provides isotropic energy radiation with point source constant directivity, for outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis.

The 10” version in the F1-10 is built around a rigid cast aluminium chassis to eliminate unwanted vibrations. Using a substantial ferrite magnet, the high power LF motor incorporates a rectangular copper voice coil on an aluminium former, to aid power dissipation. A highly rigid 3” titanium HF diaphragm is fitted, ensuring smooth and unstressed performance.

Constructed from high density birch ply, pressed to ensure extreme rigidity, the beautifully lacquered real wood veneer cabinet ensures low colouration with its curvaceous structure.

Their BassTrax™ Tractrix Diffuser System (patent applied for) with its downwards firing port, converts plain-wave port energy to a spherical 360-degree wave-front, integrating energy uniformly

into the room. This makes the loudspeaker less critical of room positioning. Machined from solid blocks of aluminium, and integrating port energy to the room, the gargantuan 16kg

platform provides exceptional stability for precise low frequency performance and resolution of fine detail.

The twin-cavity tuning system reduces internal standing waves and moderates cone excursion around the tuning frequency, allowing increased power handling.

The F1-10’s crossover uses high quality precision components throughout, including low-loss LF laminated core inductors, non-inductive thick film resistors and Claritycap highest grade HF

polypropylene capacitors. Cryogenic treatment of the complete crossover assembly relaxes stresses in materials and solder joints to maximise signal transparency.

Neotech™ PC-OCC internal wiring is used to ensure transparent signal transfer, and externally the bi-wire terminals are gold plated WBT Nextgen™.

A grounding terminal is also fitted to prevent radio frequency interference effects from masking fine detail.

Combining all these technologies and utilising the highest quality materials and cabinet construction guarantees a superlative listening experience.