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Hegel Into The groove


Music comes in many forms and there are now more available audio formats than ever before.

Hegel Into The groove

Their focus since the start of Hegel has been to push the envelope trying to achieve better and more natural sound with less distortion in all our products.

In recent years digital audio has been in constant development and Hegel have implemented new and innovative technologies to improve the sound quality from digital media.

With the revival of vinyl, many of their customers, have also wanted something for the opposite end of the audiophile world and encouraged them to make a phono preamplifier.

For years they have resisted, always prioritising other products.

Always with a heavy heart, because phono preamplifiers are something their chief designer, Bent Holter, was tinkering with for Hegel amplifiers all the way back in the mid-nineties.

So, when they finally decided to make one, Bent was very enthusiastic.

Their original plan was to start off with a relatively simple and inexpensive one, it seemed sensible to start small.

The more Bent worked on it, the more fun he was having, and the bigger the project became

It was just too hard not to implement this great idea or that great idea, to quote Bent: “If you are not going to make it the right way, then why bother making it at all.”

This enthusiasm was very infectious and spread throughout the company.

Bent has as usual been at the helm with his knowledge and experience in analogue audio, however, this project has been special and the V10 has been carried forward as a group effort, with input from the entire staff.

With the V10 they have not been copying old textbook solutions or using “off the shelf” circuitry.

Using their know-how in state-of-the-art amplification design they have taken a theoretical approach right from the start.

The V10 is pure Hegel, built from the ground up using modern, discrete amplification.

The result is a phono stage with the sound signature you know from their amplifiers and DACs; detailed, dynamic, and neutral, with the kind of soundstage and imaging that only vinyl can produce.

With a decent cartridge, the level of detail the V10 can extract from a good vinyl pressing is just breath-taking.

Hegel’s first ever phono stage, Hegel V10

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