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For the first time in nearly 40 years, Luxman introduces a new MC cartridge, the LMC-5.

Luxman new Cartridge

Previous cartridges – LMC-1 and LMC-2 – came out in 1981-1982.

In developing the new cartridge, Luxman sought to create a head that can accurately follow the path, absorbing the slightest deformation.

It took a long time to design the cartridge, using the same principles that Luxman applies to its amplifiers and other components – including careful listening at every stage.

As stated, the result is a cartridge that ideologically develops the character inherent in the LMC-1 and LMC-2 with the help of modern technology.

The needle holder is aluminium, it has a Shibata sharpened diamond needle, which, according to the developers, provides less noise and extracts more information from the recording.

The large symmetrically wound spool reduces the difference in sensitivity between the channels – it also helps to reduce the weight of the cartridge.

The magnet itself is samarium-cobalt.

Protection against noise and vibration has also received a lot of attention.

A special surface magnetic system reduces the level of external noise, and the needle holder is additionally protected, by an external casing against unwanted vibrations.

Head body – aluminium, painted in the corporate red shade.

The inner walls of the cabinet are curved – again, to reduce resonances and reflected sounds.

The LMC-5 weighs 8.5 g, the recommended clamp is 2.1–2.2 g, the output voltage is 0.4 mV. The head works in the range from 10 Hz to 35 kHz

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