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Musical Fidelity M2 sCD & M2 si Amplifier

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the Musical Fidelity M2 SCD player and M2Si Integrated Amplifier

M2sCD £799.00

The M2sCD is a serious, Red Book hi-fi CD player designed to match the cosmetic appeal of the M2si amplifier, while also sonically matching its high-fidelity delivery.

Built upon years of Musical Fidelity know-how, the M2sCD is unique in that it features both a mains choke filter and a high-tech digital stream noise filter. This innovative approach enables the player to measure like far more expensive devices, with low distortion and a virtually flat frequency response, plus minimal noise and jitter.

M2si integrated amplifier £799.00

The M2si integrated amplifier takes Musical Fidelity’s peerless premium sound experience and applies it to a more affordable price point. Boasting trickle-down technology from the legendary Titan flagship model, the sound is well complemented by other high-end touches, such as the solid metal controls.