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ProAc K3

ProAc K3

ProAc is proud to announce an addition to the K Series, the ProAc K3 which was successfully premiered in Munich last month.

This new 2-way floor stander is a more compact and affordable model to compliment the K6 & K8.

Background on ProAc K3

The letter ‘K’ in ProAc’s K Series stands for Kevlar, the cone material used in the manufacture of the K Series drive units.

In the past with the exception of the now discontinued Tablette Anniversary, ProAc has only utilised Kevlar for bass and lower midrange reproduction in our large floor standing flagship models.

Now Kevlar technology is featured in the new mid-bass driver specifically designed for this new addition to the K Series, the ProAc K3.

Cones manufactured using Kevlar are light, stiff and exhibit a characteristic warmth which ProAc consider superior to carbon fibre together with excellent bass transient and extension qualities.

The new K3 mid-bass driver is designed to produce ProAc’s trademark open mid-range quality in a true high-end loudspeaker that incorporates the additional benefits of a phase plug thus improving detail and dispersion.

ProAc’s proven K Series ribbon tweeter is centrally positioned between two mid-bass drivers and the three drivers seamlessly mated via a high quality cross-over which may be split for optional bi-wiring or bi-amping.

The ProAc K3 produces a wonderfully clear, open and detailed midrange, reminiscent of electrostatics with a dynamic, extended bass response thereby offering music lovers of all genres a captivating and involving listening experience.

The ProAc K3 will make a welcome addition to the K Series, our demonstration pair will be available by the end of July 2018.

The UK retail price including VAT is £9,750 for black ash, silk white, cherry, oak, walnut and mahogany, £11,700 for ebony and rosewood.


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