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805 D3

Compact Diamond

The 805 D3 is the only loudspeaker of its size and type to feature studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond dome tweeter.

Unique Performance

The exceptional 805 D3 is the only stand mount loudspeaker in the world to feature studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond done tweeter. Its capable of delivering pristine sound from a relatively slight dimensions, allowing even those with smaller listening rooms to experience True Sound.


Solid body tweeter


The Diamond dome tweeter is housed in a solid piece of aluminium. This mechanically inert structure provides an incredibly rigid platform from which the tweeter can deliver crystal clear sound.

Continuum Cone


The Continuum cone delivers pristine midrange performance by effectively negating the break-up behaviour that can adversely effect this all-important part of the spectrum.

Diamond Dome Tweeters

Incredibly light, yet unbelievably rigid, Diamond is the ultimate tweeter material. Delivering the most revealing, natural treble you will ever hear.

805 D3 Technical Specifications

Diamond Tweeter
Anti-resonance plug
Continuum Cone bass mid
Solid body tweeter
Tweeter on top
Optimised matrix

2-way vented-box system

Drive units
1 x 25mm diamond dome
1 x 165mm Continuum cone bass midrange

Frequency range
34Hz to 35 kHz

Frequency response
42Hz to 28kHz (+/-3dB from reference axis)

88dB SPL (2.83Vrms at 1m)

Harmonic distortion
2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m on axis)
<1% 70Hz-20kHz
<0.6% 120Hz-20kHz

Nominal impedance (min)
8ohm (minimum 4.6ohm)

Recommended amplifier power
50W – 120W into 8ohm on unclipped programme

Height 424mm

Width 238mm

Depth 345mm

Net weight 12.6Kg

Cabinet options
Rosenut, American Walnut (new finish introduced September 2019)
Gloss Black
Satin White

805 D3 Prestige £6000.00

Floor standing versions Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3