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Sonetto V


Sonetto V

Sonus faber always found its inspiration in the highest Italian culture.

This time they entrusted the history of their Literature for representing the new Sonetto Collection.

The Sonetto (Sonnet) is the most ancient Italian Poetic structure.

Originally it meant `Sound, Melody`and was traditionally used to accompany music performances.

The first step in the Sonus faber world brings the name of the foundations of Literature history in Italy and in the rest of the world.


All the speakers in the Sonus faber Sonetto collection are identified by their easy use and for their ability to be a versatile solution for any kind of environment.

Sonus Faber’s goal is to make the Music the real protagonist.

Features Sonetto V

An enchanting sound that stirs the emotions and surprises the listener with its natural reproduction.

The middle floor-standing Sonetto loudspeaker may just be the Goldilocks of the range. Surprisingly compelling.

Leather Top: The Sonus faber Sonetto collection’s floorstanding and bookshelf models inherit from the Olympica line the leather top, hand-sewn, soft to the touch and embellished by the hot branded Sonus faber logo.

Lute Shape: The lute shape that characterizes most of the Sonus faber models, offers a solution that ensures no internal parallel surfaces and perfect control over internal resonances.

The Voice Of Sonus faber: The combination of a silk dome tweeter with the DAD™ (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and a midrange with a special natural fibre and paper blend air dried diaphragm, defines the iconic “Voice of Sonus faber”.

This configuration that characterises the entire Sonus faber catalogue, from the Reference to the Olympica collection, is available for the first time in this price range.

Midrange: The midrange driver has been designed from scratch specifically for this collection and features a die cast basket, done completely in Sonus faber’s laboratories.

Woofers: For optimal low frequency reproduction, a special aluminium alloy diaphragm has been designed. It allows ultra-fast, tight and yet deep bass performance.

Reflex Port: The Sonetto collection’s reflex ports are all sited on the base of the speakers, except for the centre channels, to keep the design as clean as possible and at the same time make in-room placement very forgiving.

Structural Rigidity: Consistent with the most prestigious Sonus faber models, aluminium has been chosen for the solidly mounted base and floor spikes, extruded or milled from solid billets, to provide extreme rigidity.

Sonetto V Specifications


3-way floorstanding loudspeaker system. Vented box design.


Tw: High Definition DAD™ driver. DKM dome diaphragm, Ø 29mm
Md: Custom diaphragm made with cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, Ø 150mm
W: Ultra-free compression basket, aluminum cone for maximum speed. Ø 2x180mm cone drivers.


235Hz – 3.000Hz


38 Hz – 25.000 Hz


90 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)


4 ohm


50W – 300W, without clipping


22 V rms


1072 x 258 x 409 mm
42 x 10 x 16 in


22,6 Kg each – net weight