Degritter Cleaning Fluid II


This record cleaning fluid has been designed and tested to be safe for vinyl records and for the environment. Pre-order now due Mid-July 2024

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Degritter Cleaning Fluid II

Degritter Cleaning Fluid II

This new and improved fluid will combat fingerprints, dust, grease etc like never before.

Developed in partnership with experienced chemists, it has new anti-static properties and will rinse off easily.

This record cleaning fluid has been designed and tested to be safe for vinyl records and for the environment.

Great against fingerprints



List of all ingredients: Degritter Cleaning Fluid II

Plurafact slf 180 – Plurafact slf 180 Is a non-ionic surfactant with an excellent wetting effect.

Wetting power is important, as this allows fluid to reach tiny record grooves swiftly and removes the trapped air pockets.

Plurafact slf 180 also keeps the foaming low and is biodegradable.

1-methoxy-2-propanol – is a glycol-like solvent with a great degreasing effect that improves the removal of fingerprints.

In addition, it accelerates the drying process, does not leave streaks, and is biodegradable.

Methanesulphonic acid – only a small amount of acid is necessary to counter mineral substances from fingerprints and dust.

Concentration in the fluid is less than 2% and with the recommended 1:500 dilution the acidity of the cleaning medium is very low and perfectly safe for the plastic and plasticizers used in records.

Methanesulphonic acid is an innovative organic acid and is biodegradable.

Triethanolamine – is a biodegradable pH stabiliser that reduces the acidity of the cleaning fluid even further.

The bottled cleaning fluid is about as acidic as lemon juice.

Propylene glycol – a large portion of the fluid is this biodegradable solvent that is widely used in the food industry that absorbs fat.

It evaporates from surfaces at medium speed.

BTC50 the fluid contains a tiny amount of this benzalkonium chloride.

It is a cationic surfactant that provides an antistatic protection to the disc, but it also makes fluid residue easy to rinse off. It is biodegradable.

Butyldiglycole Is a solvent (safe for plastics) that works in combination with other solvents, improving their effectiveness and enhancing the wetting power.

It acts as an emulsifier that mixes the other ingredients together and makes the mixture transparent.

Butyldiglycole is also effective against dirt of burnt origins and is biodegradable.

Isopropanol – the fluid contains 11% of Isopropanol that in the cleaning mixture will be diluted to 0.02%.

Isopropanol is safe for vinyl records as it does not damage plastics (unlike ethanol).

It absorbs grease, speeds up the drying process and evaporates quickly. It also is biodegradable.

Great replacement for original fluid supplied with Degritters



The team behind Degritter started in 2015 with a clear vision of creating a practical record cleaner that: is simple to use would clean thoroughly has great build quality looks good does not sound like a vacuum cleaner And we they are confident that it lives up to the expectations. Degritter uses ultrasonic cleaning in a water tank followed by a separate drying cycle to provide superb cleaning effect. To create the best ultrasonic cleaning system they experimented with different frequencies, virtually simulated the energy distributions and made multiple physical set-ups to measure the energy levels. They built their own custom ultrasonic amplifier to power the system and spent long hours under a high resolution microscope to assess the safety of the device. Degritter's distinct minimalist look was created in close collaboration between their team and an accomplished industrial designer to achieve a sleek product that can be proudly displayed next to a high-end audio system. Throughout the whole technical design process we also paid close attention to the noise levels that the device will put out. For this reason we have created a unique pumping solution that together with silent dryers and inaudible 120kHz ultrasonics forms a product that makes almost no noise at all. As a result of the meticulous design and build process we have come up with something that we can take pride in and feel that our customers will appreciate as well.

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