PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP

DiaLogue Premium HP

DiaLogue Premium HP

PrimaLuna amps are famous for long tube life, running cool, and being absolutely the easiest amplifier to own.


What Prima Luna have done is increase the power and output transformer size, designed and built a larger Adaptive AutoBias board, and all the supporting circuitry required to run eight power tubes instead of four.

Doubling the power and increasing bass slam. Customers can use almost any tube on the market.  And their new DiaLogue Premium HP can be shipped with EL-34’s, Gold Lion KT88’s, or Tung-sol KT120’s


The new headphone amp may be the best you ever heard. Why? It’s running from all the power tubes! An elegant, well designed circuit allows you to switch from speakers to headphone as you wish.

If you love private listening, this amplifier will wow you!




S/N Ratio:  93 dB (KT120), 92 dB (KT88 & EL34)

Input Sensitivity: 360mV (KT120), 320mV (KT88 & EL34)

Input Impedance: 100k Ohm

Power Consumption: 255 watts

Dimensions: 15.9 ” x 8.1 ” x 15.2″ (WxHxD)


Weight:  66.3 lbs

Inputs:  5 pair RCA / 1 pair HT bypass

Outputs:  4 & 8 Ohm output taps

RCA Subwoofer output

1/4″ Headphone Tube Compliment:

6 – 12AU7, 8 – EL34

KT88 or KT120 tubes also available

“PrimaLuna’s DiaLogue Premium HP is an integrated amplifier whose sound quality closely approaches that of pairings of reference Class A preamps and power amps.”

  • Robert Deutsch, Stereophile December 2014




PrimaLuna The driving force behind PrimaLuna is one of high-end audio’s most astute and colorful figures, Herman van den Dungen. It’s been said that many successful, creative people “march to the beat of a different drummer,” but it’s the ability to get others to hear your tune and march with you that distinguishes the most accomplished. Van den Dungen is undoubtedly one of them. With a reputation of gathering the best talent for his projects, the widely-known, Dutch-born entrepreneur in 1998 launched the well-valued AH! Njoe Tjoeb CD player to critical acclaim in Europe. A year later, seeking to expand sales in the United States, he forged a relationship with Kevin Deal. A dynamic, high-end dealer with sufficient capital to import the product, Deal also possessed a characteristic Herman found invaluable—decades of experience in tubes with an intimate knowledge of their ups and downs as they relate to the consumer. The two immediately hit it off, sharing the philosophy of providing an exceptional, reliable product at a great price and delivering incomparable after-sales service.


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