JL Audio Fathom f212v2


The f212v2 is the flagship of the Fathom® line-up, offering 3600 watts of power to drive its twin 12-inch active drivers.

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JL Audio Fathom f212v2

The f212v2 is the flagship of the Fathom® line-up, offering 3600 watts of power to drive its twin 12-inch active drivers.


The Fathom f212v2 is the ultimate expression of the Fathom formula. It is ideal for larger spaces thanks to its higher efficiency and higher power output.

The combination of dual ultra-long throw W7 12-inch drivers and a very powerful switching amplifier give it jaw-dropping performance capabilities at any listening level.

Because it is built with the same driver and amplifier technology as JL Audio’s flagship Gotham®, the f212v2 delivers a tremendous level of sound quality. Low distortion, excellent dynamic capabilities and shockingly deep bass extension will allow you to experience all the excitement of the most demanding cinematic material, while also being able to reproduce all the nuance and texture of your most delicate musical material.

A complete set of signal processing features is easily accessible on the front surface of every Fathom. These include a highly flexible low-pass filter, variable phase, switchable polarity, e.l.f. trim and JL Audio’s powerful Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system. A calibrated microphone is included for the D.A.R.O. system. Input connections are made via unbalanced RCA connections or balanced Neutrik® combo XLR/TRS jacks. Also included is an XLR output to connect a second Fathom® as a slave unit.

Loudspeaker Technology


Gotham® and Fathom® subwoofers offer a vast performance envelope that unleashes all of the dynamics in your audio experience. It all starts with exceptional subwoofer drivers.

JL Audio’s engineering department is at the forefront of research into fundamental loudspeaker behavior. JL Audio has developed proprietary electromagnetic and suspension analysis systems and invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing. This has borne subwoofer drivers widely considered as reference standards for linear displacement and dynamic stability. It has also resulted in numerous U.S. and international Patents issued for technologies that refine and extend the performance envelope of the dynamic driver.

Designing and building superior drivers lies at the core of JL Audio’s passion for audio…and this gives JL Audio’s powered subwoofer systems a huge advantage.



To fully realise the benefits of JL Audio’s long excursion drivers, a huge amount of controlled power is needed. These lofty power requirements create a difficult challenge when the realities of typical home electrical circuits are considered.

To tackle this, JL Audio’s electronics engineering team conducted a through analysis of demanding program material in order to balance current draw and actual output power requirements relative to the subwoofer system’s impedance characteristics. The result of this research led to advanced switching amplifier designs with massive toroidal transformers and very high output voltage capabilities, each precisely optimised for its driver.

The Gotham g213 amplifier, for example, delivers clean output voltage equivalent to 3,800 watts RMS (referenced to the nominal driver impedance), while operating comfortably within the typical household electrical circuit.

It may not be magic, but it certainly borders on it.

Driver Manufacturing Fathom f212v2


Special, patented drivers like the massive W7’s and thin-line TW5’s used in JL Audio home subwoofers require proprietary assembly techniques and tightly monitored production disciplines that ensure consistency and quality to meet these needs, JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida loudspeaker assembly facility has been specifically designed and equipped to build all of JL Audio’s cutting-edge loudspeakers. There is no other facility like it in the world…and no production team more dedicated to total quality.

Final Assembly

Fathom® and Gotham® powered subwoofers are assembled by a highly skilled team in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory. Each assembly technician is responsible for the entire assembly process and follows documented procedures to ensure quality and consistency.

Ergonomic workstations with hydraulic lifts and multiple torque controlled tools allow for efficient and precise assembly of every product to the exact specifications established by JL Audio’s Engineering Department.


Quality is engineered into every one of JL Audio’s products. It must also be verified and documented with defined, repeatable test protocols.

To this end every Fathom and Gotham’s components are tested individually and as a connected system before assembly. At the end of final assembly, every subwoofer must pass a battery of electrical, functional and acoustic tests before it ships to JL Audio’s authorised dealers.

Features Fathom f212v2

Power Modes Off, On or Automatic Signal-Sensing
Digital Automatic Room Optimisation (D.A.R.O) 18-Band Digital Automatic Room Optimisation (D.A.R.O) with included laboratory grade calibration microphone, defeatable.
Level Modes Reference (fixed gain) or Variable from full mute to +15 dB over reference gain
Light Modes Off, On or Dim
Low Pass Filter Modes Off, 12 dB per octave or 24 dB per octave slope
Low Pass Filter Crossover Frequency Variable from 30 Hz – 130 Hz
E.L.F Trim Variable from -12 dB to +3 dB at 25 Hz
Phase Variable from 0 – 280 degrees
Polarity 0 or 180 degrees
Unbalanced Inputs Stereo or Mono (two RCA Jacks)
Balanced Inputs Stereo or Mono (two female XLR jacks)
Output To Slave Balanced (one male XLR jack)
Input Modes Master or Slave


Model Fathom f212v2
Enclosure Type Sealed
Driver(s) Twin 12-inch (nominal diameter)
Frequency Response (anechoic)

20 – 97 Hz ( +1.5 dB)

-3 dB at 19 Hz / 110 Hz

-10 dB at 15 Hz / 157 Hz

Effective Piston Area 168 sq. in.

(0.1084 sq. m.)

Effective Displacement 574 cu. in.

(9.4 litres)

Amplifier Power 3600 Watts RMS short-term
Dimensions (H × W × D)* 31.96 in. × 14.92 in. × 20.39 in.

812 mm × 379 mm × 518 mm

Net Weight 224 lbs.

(102 kg)

Cabinet Finish High-Gloss Black
*The height dimension includes feet, depth dimension includes grill, Fathom f212v2


JL Audio

JL Audio was founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni. They used the first letter of each of their names, to form a company name, hence "JL." The lucky few who have heard a great subwoofer, well-integrated into an audio system, know that the subwoofer's effect is profound. While everyone expects the bass extension to improve, most are shocked at the transformation that occurs in the main speakers. They simply open up, delivering improved dynamics, superior imaging and more low-level detail. Many describe it as the greatest speaker upgrade they have ever made. JL Audio's award-winning lineup of powered subwoofer systems begins with proprietary subwoofer drivers and amplifier designs, precisely optimised for their intended physical envelopes and design goals. Because of this, they are not limited by which sub-assemblies are openly available on the world market. Instead, each system is fanatically engineered and precision-built in their JL Audio Miramar, Florida factory, with global components, to reflect their passion for spectacular audio and product quality Now they make in our opinion the best Active subwoofers for home that we have heard


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