Fire & Fancy


Fire & Fancy, Sibelius Piano Trio plays Diego Schissi and David S. Lefkowitz.

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Fire & Fancy

Fire & Fancy

Sibelius Piano Trio plays Diego Schissi and David S. Lefkowitz

Executive Producers: Ann & Bill Harmsen

Petteri Iivonen, violin; Juho Pohjonen, piano; Samuli Peltonen, cello


Diego Schissi:  Nene

I Jumping on the walls, Energico
II Dozing on a hanger, Onirico, ritmico ma non preciso
III Riding a mosquito, Scherzando
IV Oozing away, Con brio, nervoso / Calmo, rubato

David S. Lefkowitz:  Ruminations

As their Latin GRAMMY® and International Classical Music Award nominations for this album demonstrate, the gentlemen of Sibelius Piano Trio feel at home in any musical style.

When they play Nene, written for them by Argentine composer Diego Schissi, you hear Latin musicians offering you South American sunlight and Argentine dance rhythms.

Nene celebrates the daydreams and fantasy world of a young boy.

When Sibelius Piano Trio performs Ruminations by David S. Lefkowitz, the Trio conjures the mystical fire of Persian poetry.

Fire & Fancy one can hear musical instruments including the oud, nose flute and Eastern European Klezmer in David’s rhapsodic work inspired by the great 13th Century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi.

Ruminations and Nene were audience favorites at Segerstrom Center for the Arts, where the Trio gave their premieres.

As a proud Finn and as a representative of the Finnish government, I salute Sibelius Piano Trio for their talent.

Petteri, Juho and Samuli embody and exemplify the best of our country, and as someone who lives in Los Angeles, it gives great pleasure that the Trio is so intimately connected with California and Yarlung Records.”

–J.P. Markkanen, Consul General of Finland

Many thanks to Raulee Marcus, Stephen A. Block and Leslie Lassiter for underwriting Nene, and Randy & Linda Bellous, Jess Morton, Leon & Ikee Hasserjian, Stratton-Petit Foundation, Linda Attiyeh, Rinchen Lhamo and Alex Shapiro for underwriting Ruminations.

This album proudly bears the seal and endorsement of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society.

President Mike Wechsberg, Chairman Robert Levi and the society’s multi-year collaboration with Yarlung have enabled joint concerts and recordings to reach larger audiences; indeed many on Yarlung’s technical team and board of directors are members of the Audio Society.  Yarlung musicians join us in expressing our appreciation.

–Bob Attiyeh, producer

Recorded in Samueli Theater at Segerstrom Center for the Arts



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