HiFi Rose RSA780


Convenient Ripping Feature, Store your precious CD audio safely in various storage devices with intuitive UI and easy operation.

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HiFi Rose RSA780

HiFi Rose RSA780

HiFi ROSE CD Drive

Isolated Design, Low Noise, Anti Vibration

900g Weight to Play a Single CD

It is not light. It is not shaking anymore. 900g is the ideal weight for CD playback

USB-B Type Port Adopted

More complete data reading is possible with audio-only USB A-B cables.

HiFi Rose RSA780 adopts a USB-B type port so that you can use audio-only USB A-B cables.

USB Isolator Adopted

HiFi Rose RSA780 adopts USB Isolator technology.

The CD Drive and the player (ROSE) are completely separated electrically, so only pure music data without noise is transmitted through USB.

Minimised Motion Noise by Applying Insulators

RSA780 applied high-performance insulators to a structure that can minimise vibration.

Through insulators, it minimises the noise that can occur when the CD is running.

Provides CD Playback and Ripping Features

The device can be used not only for CD playback, but also for CD ripping.

With the exclusive ROSE OS application, you can conveniently import songs from CDs to the Hi-Fi ROSE player with just one touch

How to Connect

Connect with Hi-Fi ROSE RS150 (B), RS250, and RS201 to use the device.
A dedicated cable for RSA705 is provided separately.

Convenient Ripping Feature

Store your precious CD audio safely in various storage devices with intuitive UI and easy operation.
The UI provides album art and various information, and editing is also possible.
You can save music in FLAC, FLAC(compression), and WAV formats

Dedicated USB A-B cable

A dedicated cable RSA705 is provided. HiFi 7NOCC USB 2.0 A-B DATA CABLE

Specifications HiFi Rose RSA780

Specifications HiFi Rose RSA780



152 x 152 x 25 mm




USB B Type (1ea)


5V, 1.5A



Hi-Fi ROSE The impression of sound with eyes and ears HiFi Rose is a HiFi Media Player brand that resembles a rose. ROSE' representative identity 'audio with screen' Users can operate the screen intuitively and conveniently, You can experience the deep impression of high-definition sound with video. ROSE Pay attention to changes in lifestyle ROSE focuses on the lifestyle of the music lover. Before the sudden change, the tool until yesterday is meaningless. Right now, and for future music appreciation thought of an optimal sound solution.

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