Linn Kendo


Kendo is the outcome of their engineers’ efforts to capitalise on the elements of Ekstatik which work so well

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Linn Kendo

Linn Kendo

Kendo is a modern martial art form; translated from the Japanese it means “way of the sword”.

At Linn however, the word has unique connotations.

Their sword is forged of boron, with a super-fine-line diamond tip.

Their armour is nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium.

Kendo is the eager apprentice to its master, Ekstatik; sharing the same values, and picking up many of its traits along the way.

Kendo is the outcome of their engineers’ efforts to capitalise on the elements of Ekstatik which work so well.

Using their tried-and-true, trickle-down development methodology to produce a more affordable, high-performance cartridge which retains the same core design principles and acoustic fingerprint.


Key features

  • Moving coil (MC)
  • Rigid, nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium body
  • Low-mass and stiff boron cantilever
  • Super-fine-line stylus
  • Aluminium-bronze threaded inserts
  • Perfectly paired with Arko tonearm

Linn Kendo possesses a rigid, nickel-coated 7075-grade aluminium body.

Linn Arm

This specific grade of aluminium matches that of their Arko tonearm, for which Kendo was designed to be the perfect partner.

This facilitates superb material synergy throughout the tonearm system, and effectively banishes unwanted resonances away from the delicate generator, along the arm, and out through the sub-chassis.

Specifications Linn Kendo

Specifications Linn Kendo

High-performance moving coil cartridge

Stylus Type Super Fine Line
Cantilever Boron
Armature Square
Coil Wire Copper 4N
Pin Connection Type 1.2mm gold pin
Mounting Points 3
Output Voltage 0.45mV @3.54cm/s
Channel Balance at 1 kHz <1dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz Better than 28dB
Load Resistance 100Ω
Load Capacitance` 1nF
Tracking Force 2.0g
Cartridge Mass 7.6 g
Kendo in box



Origins Founded by Ivor Tiefenbrun in 1973, Linn was born from one man’s belief that he could vastly improve the sound quality of his music system at home, using precision-engineering and determined experimentation. Their first-ever product, the modular and upgradeable Sondek LP12, revolutionised the hi-fi industry by demonstrating the huge musical difference a superbly engineered turntable could make to any hi-fi system. Its demonstrable ability to extract more music from the grooves of a record than the standard of the day led to the step-change in doctrine that the source component in a system, and not the loudspeakers, mattered most. Over fifty retrofittable mechanical and electrical upgrades to its original design, over the last five decades, have ensured that Sondek LP12 remains the performance benchmark in vinyl playback through to present day. Since 1973 They are now into their sixth decade of designing, engineering and manufacturing systems that deliver exceptional detail and emotional impact. Linn picked up their fair share of awards over that period - because they have consistently been pushing the boundaries of technology in the pursuit of breathtaking sound. From their very first product, Sondek LP12, they have been at the forefront of home audio. They don't just embrace technology for technology's sake, though. Everything they do has to answer one simple question: does this bring you closer to your music? In a world of planned obsolescence, they staunchly do the opposite. Ther hardware is modular and their software upgradeable. That means the best possible sound not just today, but for the lifetime of the product. So when technology improves, so can your enjoyment.
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