Sonus faber Maxima Amator


The two-way design has been a strong piece of brand identity for Sonus faber products

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Maxima Amator

Maxima Amator

As the third member of the Heritage family, Sonus faber pay homage to their Italian roots and to their artisans as well as the people who are responsible for developing Sonus faber products.

Completely Made in Italy, Maxima Amator is a project started many years ago and abandoned because considered impossible.

They have now achieved that dream: a two-way floor stander concept applied to a solid wood cabinet.


Sonus faber Audio Venue

The two-way design has been a strong piece of brand identity for Sonus faber products.

In general, hi-fi enthusiasts deem the two-way loudspeaker system as one of the purest systems achievable.

For this reason, the Maxima Amator was a fun project for them, serving as the glorification of successfully merging two speakers to achieve a unique emotion with the maximum representation of the “Voice of Sonus faber” – a goal to achieve natural sound.


The solid wood is a living material that continuously changes over time.

Due to this, the Maxima Amator’s large cabinet had to be meticulously studied and fine-tuned to avoid the risk of deformation or breakage as the wood ages.

Sonus faber was able to overcome this limit thanks to modern wood drying methods, use of internal structural ribs fixed with flexible glues, and new CNC methods that allow them to maintain a tighter tolerance compared to that of the past.

After the cabinet’s studies and the drivers’ selection, they focused on defining the perfect tonal balance of the project.

The result is the IFF Crossover “Interactive Fusion Filtering” the perfect sonic performance beyond our proven classic implementations.

This is the heart and the brain of Maxima Amator that allows us them to obtain a total fusion of the two drivers for an extremely natural and fluid sound reproduction.


The final step of the long design process of Maxima Amator was, as always, the “tuning by ear”.

Beside the technique, the R&D team relied on the listening experience and the emotions of Music, because Sonus faber is made of this: passion for knowledge, appreciation of beauty and commitment to Italian tradition and craftsmanship.

Specifications Maxima Amator

Maxima amator crossover


2-way floorstanding vented loudspeaker system


Tweeter : H28 XTR-04 DAD™, Ø 28 mm / 1,1 in
Mid Woofer: MW18XTR-04, Ø 180 mm / 7 in


2.100 Hz


35 Hz – 35.000 Hz


88 dB SPL (2,83V/1 m)


4 ohm


25 – 125W , without clipping


1120 x 300 x 350 mm
44,1 x 11,8 x 13,8 in
38 Kg each – net weight
83,7 lb each – net weight

Prefer Stand mount, Electa Amator III a great choice


Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber History

1980 SNAIL

The first pioneering project by Franco Serblin, founder of Sonus faber. A completely new concept for that time, an all-in-one system entirely made in solid wood.

1983 PARVA

On March 25, 1983 Sonus faber becomes a company in its first headquarter, a small laboratory in Monteviale, on the hills of Vicenza. Sonus faber launches its first product Parva, a 2-way monitor speaker with a midrange cone in Kevlar and the cabinet in solid walnut wood.



Now well-established: accurate design and high quality natural materials for a natural sound reproduction.

Sonus faber began to be internationally recognized; most of its first international partners are still Sonus faber distributors nowadays.


Sonus faber demonstrate to the audiophile world what it was capable of with Extrema, a unique speaker with “extreme” components


It’s the year of the revolution. With the extraordinary Guarneri Homage Sonus faber begins its studies of the lute design and create the first speaker ever with the cabinet structure inspired by the lute shape


Amati Homage added to Guarneri Homage giving life to the first version of the iconic Homage collection

2001/2002 CREMONA

Following the path stared with Guarneri Homage, Sonus faber introduced of the Cremona collection, a family of speakers that enhanced the concept of the lute shape cabinet design


Creation of the first flagship Stradivari Homage, an innovative project that occupy an important place in the history of High Fidelity industry

2011 AIDA

Debut of the new flagship, Aida, able to reveal how much the company has evolved whilst keeping its original spirit intact and synthesizing ‘mature tradition’ with ‘technological innovation’


Homage Tradition collection has been launched, the fourth generation of Homage collection, inspired by the excellence of the Italian handcraft tradition. An ambitious project in terms of electroacoustics solution and driver development, that also introduced the new Wengè finish, a new essence of wood darker than the classic walnut, but still warm and elegant


The second edition of Olympica collection, that has always embodied the company’s stylistic manifesto. Olympica Nova pays homage to its predecessor while adding a substantial amount of freshly developed technology, from new drivers, crossovers and internal volume tuning to a brand new cabinet structure and a renewed exterior look. Olympica Nova is where experience meets elegance. It is the distillation of our identity: Olympica Nova is Sonus faber.


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