Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl phono stage

M6 Vinyl phono stage

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Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl phono stage

Now replaced with the M6x Vinyl

The M6 Vinyl Phono Stage was truly a labour of love for Musical Fidelity, resulting in a phono stage that knows no practical limits. This Phono Stage will ensure your listening experience remains unimpeded by any unwanted noise, and remains distortion free.

It is not possible to overload the M6 Vinyl, and you cannot find any limitations in the output driving capacity.

The M6 Vinyl features three inputs, each of which can be set for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil exact loading, even going so far as to remembering your preferred settings.

Truly built with only the best sound quality in mind, the Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl Phono Stage will remain so subtle in its operation that you won’t even notice it is there.

This is due to the absence of practical audible noise, the lack of distortion, the inability to overload the input or output section, and the ease in which you can load your cartridge.

This device has been made solely to serve your Hi-Fi needs without imposing upon your system and ensuring your listening experience remains unimpeded.

The M6 Vinyl Phono Stage also features an impressive and sophisticated power supply configuration with a total 7 power supply units (PSUs).

These seven separate PSUs are implemented across each channel and each stage within the M6 Vinyl, remaining fully balanced with perfect star grounding. The two mains transformers incorporate a specially designed 100mHz filter stage, providing the phono stage with 40dB attenuation of illegitimate radio frequency. The SMD PCB layout will even achieve brilliant inter-channel and inter-stage isolation, ensuring only the best possible result when you listen to your music.

On top of all of this, the Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl will perform excellently thanks to the incredibly low distortion at less than 0.008% across the entire band, the reference 2V Signal-to-Noise ration that is out to impress at -96dB (MM) and -86dB (MC), an overload margin that is greater than 31dB, RIAA accuracy at +/- 0.25dB (with an additional post RIAA filter in place to retain accuracy up to beyond 80kHz), and a maximum output of 10V RMS (20V balanced). The M6 Vinyl even has a +6dB setting to cater for very low output cartridges and the IEC/RIAA modification facility.

  • Remains impossible to overload the input or output sections
  • Reduces any spurious RF 100mHz filter stage over the mains
  • Seven separate PSUs across each channel and stage
  • Extremely low practical noise and distortion

Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl specifications

Distortion Less than 0.008%
Signal to Noise -96db (MM), and -86dB (MC), reference 2V
Overload Margin Better than 31dB
RIAA Accuracy +/- 0.25dB (RIAA filter retains accuracy up to beyond 80kHz)
Maximum Output 10V RMS, 20V Balanced
Input Resistance Values 10R, 25R, 50R, 100R, 400R, 800R, 1k2, 47k
Capacitance Values 50pf, 100pf, 150pf, 200pf, 250pf, 300pf, 350pf, 400pf

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Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years and  are proud to have become one of the best-known brands in the Hi-Fi industry. They are driven by a passion for wonderful music and the challenge of world-class engineering. They approached each new design by looking for the absolute best solution to a given challenge and embrace new technologies in our designs as well as developing more traditional methods for even greater performance. 1982 Their first product - The Preamp – launched to rave reviews. Followed by shoebox-style Dr Thomas power amp. 1984 Launch of A1 integrated amp, ‘the most important development so far in the renaissance of the UK hi-fi scene’ (Hi-Fi Answers). 1986 New A370 Power Amp proclaimed ‘the best power amp I’ve ever heard’ (Hi-Fi Answers). 1987 World’s first high-end DAC- Digilog – makes debut 1988 Another world first: MVX preamp, combining tube circuit topology with transistors. SA470 launched: 86Kg power amp running 99% in Class A 1992 A1000 integrated released, featuring pure Class A power amp section 1993 Classic valve-driven Tubalog DAC goes on sale 1995 X Series launches with X-10D Class A triode line stage: ‘the most dramatic sonic enhancement you’re likely to hear!’ (F1). 1997 Nu-Vista Preamp launched, using miniature, metal-cased nuvistor tubes. All 500 units sold within three months. X Series expands with X-ACT DAC, praised for 'smooth, easy-going sound' (What Hi-Fi?) 1998 X-24K upsampling DAC released: ‘capable of getting sound to die for’ (Stereophile). X-Ray CD player launched. Described as ‘the sort of object you just want to fondle’ (Hi-Fi News) ‘a thrilling, substantial and satisfying listen’ (What Hi-Fi?) and ‘Hi-Fi meets nuclear warhead’ (T3). 2000 Futuristic CD-PRE 24 arrives, combining a high-quality CD transport, DAC and preamp. On Hi-Fi says it ‘represents a combination of features, functional performance and affordability that seems an audiophile dream come true’. Debut of Nu-Vista M3 pre/power amp, including discrete Nu-Vista power amp modules with choke regulation. ‘This is what hi-fi should be all about’ (Gramophone). X-DAC V3 released, offering ‘stunningly good measured performance’ (Stereophile). 2002 World’s first audio application of trivistor tubes in new Tri-Vista series, including legendary Tri-Vista 21 ‘Super DAC’. 2003 Flagship kW pre-amp and kW power amp launched: ‘the very finest amps you can buy...the MFs redefine audio standards’ (What Hi-Fi?) Next up: kW 500 super integrated amp with twin-triode tubes. Hi-Fi News said, ‘For one rare reviewing occasion I could not find a thing to fault about the musical presentation of an amp’. Limited-edition M1 turntable released. Considered one of the best-engineered decks ever, it’s now a collector’s item, fetching above its original price. 2004 Supercharged X-DAC V8 introduced, with switchable tube buffer and extra-heavy-duty power supply. ‘For its superb performance as a detailed, sweet-sounding DAC, the X-DAC V8 stands on its own’ (Stereophile). X-150 wins European Stereo Amplifier of the Year, EISA Awards 2004-2005. 2006 Debut of kW250S one-box wonder, packing in dual 250-watt monobloc amps, tube hybrid preamp, phono stage, 24-bit 192K upsampling CD player, FM/DAB tuner and iPod input. 2009 Meet the mighty TITAN: 1kW per channel dual monobloc design with external power supply. Hi-Fi News was ‘Smitten… The Titan is the best power amplifier I’ve used’. Reference-standard Primo pre-amplifier released; pure Class A with 14 hand-picked ECC81 2011 New M1 CLiC unites analogue and digital sources under universal control. Wins European Network Music Player, EISA Awards 2011-2012. 2012 Line-up expands to meet every hi-fi need and budget. Highlights include the AMS CD/DAC – our finest digital product yet - and AMS100, the world’s most advanced pure Class A amp


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