Sarah Vaughan – Live At The Berlin Philharmonie 1969


The Lost Recordings label travels the world in search of rare or previously unreleased recordings by legendary artists

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Sarah Vaughan – Live At The Berlin Philharmonie 1969 

(2LP Numbered Limited Edition Mono Version)

Sarah Vaughan - Live At The Berlin Philharmonie 1969

Numbered limited edition mono version recording

 “This is an absolutely mesmerizing Vaughan performance of 20 smartly chosen and sequenced tunes — some standards in 1969 and some then new and now standards — intimately mic’d that puts her startlingly and transparently in front of you between the speakers. ,,, the credits (read) cut by Kevin Gray using the original master tapes, lacquers processed at QRP and pressed in Germany (at Optimal) on 180-gram vinyl. And that’s how it sounds! Highly recommended.” — Music = 10/11; Sound = 9/11 — Michael Fremer,

 “Sarah Vaughan had one of the magnificent voices of the 20th century, and she put it through extraordinary paces. Then she might turn around and swing a show tune with a light touch. She could do both and everything in between.” — Kevin Whitehead, for NPR’s Fresh Air.


It is at a very special moment in Sarah Vaughan’s life that this double recital, recorded on November 9, 1969 at the Berlin Philharmonie, takes place.

To everyone’s astonishment, this small, clumsy 45-year-old silhouette will sing that evening one of the most masterful stage performances of her career that could be captured by a recording.

In almost two hours, she will silence all reticence by proving how much her approach to music remains eminently topical.

Surrounded with an elegance as discreet as it is stimulating by a trio that is a past master in the art of understatement, free of mannerisms, still as virtuosic as ever, developing her vocal technique to the highest degree throughout her incredible range, between naturalness and sophistication, simplicity and refinement,

Sarah Vaughan is astonishing.

Sarah Vaughan resolutely favours sentimental melodies, making her warm, supple, suave and swinging voice the ultra-sensitive seismograph of the whole range of mixed feelings.

The Lost Recordings label travels the world in search of rare or previously unreleased recordings by legendary artists. Using a unique restoration process, these priceless pieces of musical heritage are brought back to life.

 TRACKS Sarah Vaughan – Live At The Berlin Philharmonie 1969 

Side A

            1. A Lot of Livin’ to Do

2. And I Love Him

3. Alfie

4. On a Clear Day

5. Passing Strangers

Side B

1. Misty

2. I Cried for You

3. My Funny Valentine

4. All of Me

5. Tenderly

Side C

            1. Fly Me to the Moon

2. Time After Time

3. The Trolley Song

4. By the Time I Get to Phoenix

5. The Sweetest Sound

Side D

1. Polka Dots and Moonbeams

2. Day In, Day Out

3. What Now, My Love

4. I Had a Ball

5. Didn’t We






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