STS Digital EXTENDED Dynamic Experience, Vol. 3


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STS Digital EXTENDED Dynamic Experience, Vol. 3

The Dynamic Experience CD series offers a truly dynamic sense of scale and reality to the music.

STS Digital EXTENDED Dynamic Experience, Vol. 3

This is the most ‘dynamic’ series of CD’s STS Digital has ever produced with the help of the unique STS Digital MW Coding Process.

Volume 3 offers 12 super tracks from the likes of Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Jones and Lou Reed with John Cale.

This CD shows just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music. Who said the CD was dead?!

Dynamic bass output, so one warning: This CD is not very suitable to play VERY LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them – but great fun loud on larger loudspeakers!


1. Rickie Lee Jones & Loe Kottke – Tigers
2. Tony Joe White – Menutha
3. Ali Farka Toure ft Ry Cooder – Commi
4. Bliss – Sleep will come
5. Tom Jones – 24 Hours
6. DJ Elio – Rocco Siffredi
7. Laurie Anderson – The puupet hotel
8. Paul Simon – Love
9. Ricky Peterson – It’s all right
10. Lou Reed and John Cale – Faces and names
11. Jabob ter Veldhuis – Danza I
12. Circle Percussion – Steam train


STS Digital


STS get a lot of e-mails from audio fans from all over the world and they ask always the same question: what is your motivation to make such beautiful recordings and mastering, well here we go.

The first reason is that they like music very much, it is a wonderful way to express feelings and communicate with other people on a same level.

They also like the sound of musical instruments, played in fine acoustic surroundings, they sound so pure and warm.

Unfortunately most CD, LP and Reel to Reel tapes are bad recorded, with a harsh sound to close and without ambience.

For this reason they started with STS Digital twenty years ago to do something totally different and the results are our recordings with a fine selection and series like: Extended Dynamic Experience, Celebrate the Art & Spirit of music, Siltech Test Demo CD, The Absolute Sound Reference lots of LP’s and Reel to Reel tapes.

They give in these series and products every musical instrument the space they need, so the original sound can be developed her typical sound of various instruments with the help of good ambience. 
A sax will sound like a sax and not like a clarinet and a piano sounds like a piano and not a keyboard.

Now you understand how important it is to record music in a good sounding concert room or church and not in a dry studio with close miking.

To get the best out of their microphones Schoeps they use golden/silver cables from Siltech/copper cables from Van den Hul and they clean up AC currency with their own developed 6 pack AC Power Block.

They use their ears by first listening in the concert room or church where an orchestra/band/singers etc. is playing for some time and then go back to their recording room to get the sound, what we first heard in the concert room/church, as natural as possible.

It is usual dictated by placing the microphones not to close, they also put a lot of effort in mixing and mastering the recordings, they guard the whole recording process with their ears like a wolf in the night.

Every step they check the results and compare the process with the original recordings.

If you listen to our productions remember that they did their out most best to get for you all the benefits of our effort to go far beyond the best of the best.

STS Digital

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