T+A A 200


T+A only believe in power when we can use it in practice with efficiency and precision

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T+A A 200

T+A A 200 Silver front audio Venue

In designing the T+A A 200 output stage it was theirr goal to combine maximum amplifier power with audiophile sound characteristics.

On the one hand this means 250 Watts of continuous power per channel, and on the other hand this substantial power does not result in a reduction in terms of subtle detail, resolution and fine dynamics.

Its heatsinks are both a technical necessity and a design statement: they show off every Watt of power in impressive style as well as ensuring efficient heat dispersion – even under maximum load.

The T+A A 200 output stage was developed with the aim of functioning either as a potent complement to an existing system, or as the high-performance end of a perfectly matched chain of specialised audiophile devices in combination with the Series 200.

T+A only believe in power when they can use it in practice with efficiency and precision.

In their search to achieve the optimum blend of sound quality, power and efficiency, they have developed a completely new circuit topology which combines T+A’s unique HV and High-Frequency sine-wave mains power supply technology with that of the PURIFI Eigentakt™ output stages.

By this means they have succeeded in converting raw power into unsurpassed audiophile performance.

All circuits and circuit boards are designed and executed by their own development team, and the PURIFI modules implemented within them.

The damping factor of the A 200 can be reduced if a warmer or softer sound image is desired in combination with particular loudspeakers.

The T+A A 200 Class D output stages incorporate PURIFI Eigentakt™ technology.

This platform, developed by the Danish technology company, is currently the world’s leading fundamental design for Class D output stages, as it eradicates the disadvantages of the previous generation of digital amplifiers.

Until now digital amplifier designs were limited by their high dependence on the impedance of the loudspeakers connected to the system, by distortion in the output signal, by phase noise and increased distortion at high power levels.

In contrast, the outstanding feature of this new circuit design is its outstanding measured data, making it the obvious choice for audiophile applications

Features T+A A 200

  • Extremely low distortion factor and intermodulation distortion at all power levels
  • Extraordinarily low noise
  • High damping factor
  • Clean clipping
  • Low losses, high efficiency
  • Totally linear frequency response up to 60 kHz
  • Completely loudspeaker-load independent characteristics (see measured curves into 4 Ohms and without loudspeaker-load)

In spite of their advantage in terms of efficiency, conventional switching mains sections have an inherent drawback: they generate interference in the form of induced interference, which has a consistently adverse effect on sound quality.

Their response to this is to employ their T+A High-Frequency sine-wave mains sections: their pure sine-wave output and higher frequency – more than twice as high as conventional mains sections – effectively eradicate this interference.

The final trace of induced interference is eliminated by the intelligent recharging of the T+A reservoir capacitors fitted to the units.

Over many years of development T+A engineers succeeded in developing capacitors which recharge 100,000 times per second – 2,000 times faster than conventional capacitors.

T+AAudio Venue

This is necessary in order to ensure that they respond to extremely brief signal spikes, and are always able to deliver the correct quantity of electrical energy.

Sine-wave mains sections are “hard” units, i.e. they do not collapse even under the most severe load; they provide the output stages with absolutely constant voltage

Intelligent Safe Control (ISC) is comparable with the ABS of a sports car: the micro-controller uses numerous sensors to provide constant monitoring of the temperature, load or clipping states, and intervenes in an intelligent manner in order to return the parameters to their permissible range.

HV circuit technology is unique in the world, and is employed in the voltage amplifier stage.

The high operating voltage resulting from the overall circuit design ensures extremely linear reproduction of the audio signals, and provides totally natural imaging and dynamics from every recording – without compromise, and without limitation.

The technology also eliminates harsh feedback, to which audio sound is very sensitive.

The frequency response is totally linear up to 60 kHz and completely independent of the connected loudspeaker.

The measured curves show that there is no difference in frequency response between a 4 Ohms loudspeaker load and no loudspeaker load.

Specifications T+A A200

Specifications T+A A200

Output Stage

Nominal power per channel

250 Watts @ 4 Ohms
125 Watts @ 8 Ohms

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB

1 Hz – 60 kHz

Signal to noise ratio

113 dB

THD  /  Intermodulation

< 0,002 % / < 0,002 %

Channel separation

> 103 dB

Damping factor

> 800 / DF LO > 70

Input sensitivity nominal

High level (RCA) 800 mVeff / 5,8 kOhms
Balanced (XLR) 1,6 Veff / 20 kOhms

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions


200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption

max. 600 Watts
25 Watts while power on and idling with no signal


< 0,5 Watts

Dimensions (H × W× D)

10 × 32 × 34 cm,
4 x 12.6 x 13.4 inch


Power cord, E2-Link-cable


5 kg, 11 lbs


Silver anodised or Black anodised

A 200 black

Additional information


Black, Silver



Actually they are scientists…. Ever since 1978 their driving force has been curiosity. T+A's aim was to define the framework of the possible, and push its limits a little further each day, and that’s what formed the stone of this company. They always aspired to the creation of new findings rather than the exploitation of existing knowledge. They were determined to carve out their own advances, and not simply follow the progress of technology. Satisfying this goal requires a team of fifteen designers and developers to create every device in their headquarters in Herford. From the initial design, developing every single circuit board and finishing with the software code – the stage which brings all the component parts together to form a grand ensemble – all devices are built in Herford. They are permeated by the belief on which this company was founded, and which drives athem forward every day. They don’t build mass products, they build accoustic treasures, they build heartbeats, goosebumps and enthusiasm.


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