Velvet Underground


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Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground

After The Velvet Underground cut three albums for the jazz-oriented Verve label that earned them lots of notoriety but negligible sales, the group signed with industry powerhouse Atlantic Records in 1970.

Label head Ahmet Ertegun supposedly asked Lou Reed to avoid sex and drugs in his songs, and instead focus on making an album “loaded with hits.”

Loaded was the result. It was the group’s swan song, with Reed leaving the group shortly before its release.

With John Cale long gone from the band, Doug Yule highly prominent (he sings lead on four of the ten tracks), and Maureen Tucker absent on maternity leave, this is hardly a purist’s Velvet Underground album.

Still, AllMusic gives the album 5 Stars and Pitchfork calls it a “perfect rock ‘n’ roll record — 40 minutes long, five songs to a side, and not a single wasted note.”

Loaded is the sort of proper album that feels like a greatest hits collection, with each track thoroughly inhabiting and mastering a dominant rock archetype.

Although the songs “Sweet Jane” and “Rock & Roll” distinguished the band as a “seminal proto-punk” act, “The trifecta of ‘Who Loves the Sun,’ ‘Sweet Jane’ and ‘Rock & Roll’ is among the best three-song openings on any rock and roll record,” wrote Paste contributor Jeff Gonick

Analogue Productions has given Loaded the deserving full reissue treatment.

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings, and housed in a tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jacket by Stoughton Printing.

Track List: Velvet Underground

Side 1

1. Who Loves The Sun

2. Sweet Jane

3. Rock & Roll

 Side 2

1. Cool It Down

2. New Age

 Side 3

1. Head Held High

2. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

3. I Found A Reason

 Side 4

1. Train Round The Bend

2. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

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Analogue Productions

Analogue Productions It was in 1992 that Acoustic Sounds owner Chad Kassem reissued his first Analogue Productions title, Virgil Thompson's The Plow That Broke The Plains, originally on Vanguard. Analogue Productions began as a vehicle for Kassem to license his favorite all-time recordings and reissue them as remastered and as a superior version to the original release. Since its inception AP has reissued hundreds of titles, ranging from classical to folk, pop, rock, blues and jazz. Included in the many highlights of Analogue Productions' history are the Fantasy 45 Jazz Reissues, the Blue Note Reissues, and premium box sets of the music of such legendary acts as The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nat "King" Cole and Norah Jones. True to its name, Analogue Productions works with the original analogue master tapes - more than any other reissue label! The result is superior sound - richer, warmer and more lifelike, than digital.

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