Suppressing unwanted vibration between the WELLFLOAT board and devices on and underneath of it will give more stability and improved system playback



ZERO Distortion – Best HiFi Isolation Platform from Japan since 2009

The WELLFLOAT board is a truly innovative support system, designed and engineered in Japan, to improve Hi-Fi sound quality for all music lovers and audiophiles.

Adding WELLFLOAT to a system will reveal the potential performance levels of almost any type of HiFi equipment.

Their founders background in live classical music led them to ask the question, in general why does it seem so difficult to achieve the best performance from their Hi-Fi systems?

The main reason, they believe, is that a Hi-Fi system is required to process two contradictory elements – it must retain all the vibration for musical energy while simultaneously suppressing all the negative vibration unrelated to music.

Simply suppressing all vibration also means limiting the most important musical energy, thus making the resulting playback sound boring.

In order to resolve this issue, they started focusing on the “law of conservation of momentum”.

After extensive R&D work in their Osaka facility, they have succeeded in installing within their boards a uniquely developed mechanism featuring a “cantilever and hanging pendulum”.

This arrangement converts the vibration coming from multiple directions, restricting it solely to a horizontal vibration.

Their smart mechanism therefore achieves a stress-free, no-distortion sound while keeping all the positive energy related to accurate musical reproduction.

They are now delighted to be introducing this innovative system to a worldwide customer base.

For over 10 years WELLFLOAT has grown and evolved in Japan, a country that has many earthquakes every year.

In that time WELLFLOAT products have been adopted and used as the most reliable tool in the listening rooms of a number of recording studios, a testing environment universally accepted as the place where those who require the best sound quality, cannot compromise.

Having succeeded in this harshest of audio environments they have made the technology available for use in the home.

As part of their ongoing development program for home Hi-Fi applications they have launched the latest version of their board that features “Full-con mech” inside, giving a maximum support weight of 300kg (661lbs), undoubtedly sufficient for practically any type of high end HiFi equipment currently available on the market.


Slim Models

The half-height (31mm) ‘S’ model has been developed by combining the current WELLFLOAT mechanism with a bottom board, crafted in steel and will easily fit into on the shelves of the majority of HiFi racks in on the market.

4548S £937.00


Supported Load Weight  0-300Kg
Dimensions W480xD450xH31(mm)
Material MDF, Steel

3545S £864.00


Supported Load Weight  0-300Kg
Dimensions W450xD350xH31(mm)
Material MDF, Steel

Special Coating models (L Series)

Special coating models

The special L series models are finished with “WELL-COATING” which gives an improved performance over their standard models, preventing slippage for better grip on a material level.

Additionally, the surface is more robust against both scratches and humidity.

Suppressing unwanted vibration between the WELLFLOAT board and devices on and underneath of it will give more stability and improved system playback.

4449L £1413.00


Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions W490xD440xH55(mm)
Material MDF

3545L £1124.00


Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions W450xD350xH55(mm)
Material MDF

WELLFLOAT Classic Series

Basic models – Classic

The original and best selling Standard/Normal WELLFLOAT board.

Offers a great balance between price and performance.

It is easy to combine with any HiFi equipment thanks to the simple and universal design.

It enhances the sound quality with its mechanism and performance.

4050 (TYPE10) £951.00


Supported Load Weight 0~300Kg
Dimensions W500xD400xH56(mm)
Material MDF

4060 (TYPE30) £951.00


Supported Load Weight 0~300Kg
Dimensions W600xD400xH56(mm)
Material MDF


Additional information


3545L, 3545S, 4050 (Type10), 4060 (Type30), 4449L, 4548S



G CLEF Acoustics was established in Osaka in 1978. For over 40 years the main business of G-Clef has been supporting and developing systems for professional mixing consoles and recording equipment such as SSL, Studer, etc. Their client list includes concert halls, TV broadcasting companies, local government, research institutes, universities and other major companies in Japan. The original idea of pendulum in WELLFLOAT can be traced back to the childhood of the chief designer, Ryoji Nagata. Based on this 40 years’ experience of G CLEF, WELLFLOAT was developed to bring this innovation to the HiFi market.


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