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Sonus faber always found its inspiration in the highest Italian culture. 

This time they entrusted the history of their Literature for representing the new Sonetto Collection.

The Sonetto (Sonnet) is the most ancient Italian Poetic structure. 

Originally it meant “Sound, Melody` and was traditionally used to accompany music performances. 

The first step in the Sonus faber world brings the name of the foundations of Literature history in Italy and in the rest of the world.


Sonetto 1 £1450.00, Optional Stands at £430.00

Sonetto 1


Thanks to the most advanced design solutions and particularly to the new reflex port implemented on the speaker base in a unique way, Sonetto I is an outstanding performer and compact bookshelf, ideal for middle sized listening rooms, designed for use on a bookshelf or stand.

Sonetto II £1898.00, Optional Stands at £430.00

Sonetto II

In comparison to Sonetto I, this is a bigger 2-way shelf loudspeaker system. Its high performance features a larger mid-woofer, which is capable of ensuring more wider downwards frequency response and a greater emotional impact.

Besides its dimensions, Sonetto II still has the capability to disappear in the environment, with an elegant and graceful style.

SONETTO III £3198.00

Sonetto III

Looks can be deceiving. 

Despite its slim dimensions, Sonetto III has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies and design solutions. 

Sonetto V £4198.00

Sonetto V

A 3 way floor-standing speaker, able to fill the largest rooms, with a rich and lively sound.

Sonetto VIII £5498.00

Sonetto VIII

Sonetto VIII is the most powerful 3-way speaker of the Sonetto collection with three 180mm woofers for the best reproduction of lower frequencies and high-end standards. 

Sonus Faber have designed a speaker that completely represents their roots. 

The entire collection is a true Sonus faber that features all the iconic elements of the brand: natural sound, natural materials, the Lute shape, the excellent finishes typical of Italian craftsmanship, and manufacturing done completely in their factory in Vicenza.

Sonetto Center II £1698.00

Sonetto Centre II

The largest center channel from the the Sonetto collection,
an emotional voice ready to surprise at the first listening.

Sonetto Center I £950.00

Sonetto Centre 1

This little but highly capable center channel speaker is the ideal partner for the smaller speakers in the range.

Characterised by a design style in harmony with the other speakers of the line, Sonetto Center I fits easily into diverse environments, guaranteeing excellent performance of the ensemble.

Sonetto Wall £950.00

Sonetto Wall

Its small dimensions and its beautiful and refined design make it a great choice if you want to set up a multi-room system, as it fits easily in different environments. 

Created, as the name suggests, to be wall mounted and adjustable thanks to its jointed bracket, the Wall is a speaker that offers many answers to different sound needs: great for those who want to build a two-channel audio system that does not take up valuable space and versatile in the role of speaker in a home theater system.