Lehmannaudio Phonolith


Lehmannaudio is well-known for its headphone amplifiers, which are used by internationally renowned mastering studios and sound engineers

Lehmannaudio Phonolith

Lehmannaudio Phonolith

The Phonolith combines an enormously ambitious phono preamplifier, a top-class preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier in one device.

The form factor is unobtrusive, the audio performance leaves nothing to be desired.

Produced to give convenient access to the hi-fi sector’s most popular playback sources in the modern age, the Phonolith has two inputs.

First, the line-level input is designed to work with your favourite digital source, most likely a streaming device.

Second, it boasts a high-quality phono stage that’s capable of accommodating the very best turntables and cartridges available today.

Both inputs are selected using the switch on the main unit’s front panel.

The phono preamplifier section in the Phonolith offers extensive setting options for cartridge impedance and four different gain settings.

This allows for wide compatibility with most turntable systems.

It also includes an adjustable filter with three selectable cut-off frequencies to ensure silence in the bass range, where necessary.


Lehmannaudio is well-known for its headphone amplifiers, which are used by internationally renowned mastering studios and sound engineers.

The headphone output on the Phonolith is of the highest quality that the company has offered so far, with adjustable output gain to ensure optimal
performance even with insensitive headphones.

The Phonolith’s preamplifier output can easily drive long cable runs and can be connected to any active  speakers or power amplifiers, such as the Lehmannaudio Stamp, ensuring that it as flexible to accommodate as possible.

The Phonolith is supplied with a high-quality separate PWX II LZ power supply, housed in a matching chassis, for perfect power delivery and minimal interference with the audio electronics.

Both the audio and power supply sections benefit from sturdy metal chassis’ with Lehmannaudio’s specially engineered 3S feet underneath, which reliably absorb parasitic resonances

Specifications Lehmannaudio Phonolith

Specifications Lehmannaudio Phonolith
  • Input Impedance (MM)

47 kΩ

  • Input Impedance (MC)

100Ω, 390Ω, 1000Ω and 7000Ω selectable

  • Phono Stage Gain (MM)

36 or 46 dB

  • Phono Stage Gain (MC)

56 or 66 dB

  • Amplifier Voltage Output

Max. 9V eff.

  • Channel Separation

> 70 dB

  • Subsonic Filter

7 Hz, 32 Hz, 50 Hz, 78 Hz selectable via DIP switches

  • Output Impedance

50 Ω

  • RCA Input(s)

2 (1 x Phono)

  • Headphone Output

6.3mm Jack

  • Headphone Amp Output Power

400 mW (60Ω), 200 mW (300Ω)

  • Headphone Output Impedance

5 Ω

  • Variable Analogue Output(s)

1 x RCA Pair

  • Maximum Power Consumption

13 W

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

110 x 50 x 280 mm

  • Additional Dimensions (W x H x D)

(Power Supply) 110 x 50 x 280 mm

  • Weight

2.8 kg


Additional information


Black, Silver


Lehmann Audio

Lehmann Audio Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1988 by the young student of audio engineering, Norbert Lehmann, in Cologne, Germany. After 11 years in pleasant Bergisch Gladbach the company returned to the Rhineland metropolis in spring of 2018. Here with passion for detail is being created what has come into favour in the whole world because of it's quality: the Lehmannaudio product line. Made in Germany.

Striving for perfection

During his audio engineering studies, he was listening to two amplifiers with identical technical specifications in a direct A/B comparison. Really amazing how much they differed in sound quality: one delivered sound, the other one music. There I realised for the first time that good sound depends on much more than technical data such as power, distortion factor and signal-to-noise ratio. That listening session sparked a passion in me which has never ceased: how could he build audio technology so, that it communicates the musician's intention as musically and faithfully as possible? For him, this aspect is key in developing high end. Furthermore,  in pursuit of perfection while staying grounded. And when he finally learnt that his customers feel happy while listening  

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