Spectral Brick

Less furniture. More statement. You don’t want much, but you do want the best?

Then Spectral Brick is just your thing, It’s the world’s first TV unit to have the sound system in the plinth, if you wish

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Spectral Brick

Spectral Brick

Less furniture. More statement.

You don’t want much, but you do want the best?

Then Spectral Brick is just your thing.

It’s the world’s first TV unit to have the sound system in the plinth, if you wish.


It is home cinema entertainment at its best, and at its most minimalistic.

No speakers or cables in sight – or under your feet.

And your audio and video equipment will do an elegant disappearing act  in the ample storage space behind matte satin or glossy glass.

Declutter your living room. With Brick

Cut the cable clutter.

Visible cables? Nope. Because all that clutter has been tidied up and put away – inside your Brick

Spectral brick. a sound foundation.

Spectral Brick Plinth

Many items of furniture have a plinth.

But only Spectral Brick has an integrated fully active 2.1 virtual surround home cinema system of the very highest quality.

Brick’s pioneering plinths are ideal for Spectral SCA and BRA sound systems, as well as for soundbars from many leading brands.

The speakers are fully concealed behind black fabric fronts.

Brick is also available with a standard plinth – without sound integration

Spectral Brick BR2000
  • Versatile furniture for home entertainment equipment
  • Attractive set-back plinth
  • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
  • Sound system concealed in the plinth
  • Smart Charge feature
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount
  • Floor standing
  • Bright Brick: Smart Light.
  • Spectral Smart Lights create gentle, atmospheric background illumination. The dimmable LED strips are installed out of sight.
  • They project a warm light onto your wall, emphasising the contours of your furniture.
  • Simply place your hand on top of the lowboard to activate.
Spectral Brick light

Glass and class.

Clean lines, glass on all sides, no handles in sight: Brick is a minimalistic marvel.

The hard-wearing glass surfaces are painted on the underside – making them extremely scratch-resistant, and giving the colour a wonderful sense of depth.

In fact, you can choose from more than 2,000 shades, and between a matte satin or glossy nish.

The result is a very calm, uncluttered look-and-feel

Three sizes. Three designs.

Build your personal Brick: choose from three widths, various heights, and multiple drawer and ap combinations.

The plinth is also available in various versions. And no matter what your con guration of choice, the result will be ravishing

Flaps or drawers.

Brick boasts high-quality dampers for flaps that open smoothly and gently, plus drawers with a soft-close feature.

Drawer inserts for CDs and DVD/Blu-ray discs are available.

Complimentary wall units to finish off the look

Spectral Cocoon also available

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smart furniture

Spectral has made a name for itself over many years with innovative solutions such as integrated sound systems, hidden cable guides and projector drawers. Today they are regarded as pioneers for the combination of beautiful living and entertaining technology. Whereas information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications were areas that were independent of each other only a few years ago, today they are - thanks to smartphones - no longer separate: you write e-mails, surf the Internet, watch films, take photos, listen to music, send messages and on the phone - all with one device. But as smart as the new phones and tablets are, they have one major drawback: while we are content with the limited image size and sound quality of mobile devices, we are much more demanding at home. From our couch we want to enjoy music in full quality and volume, play photos as a slideshow on the TV and stream movies from the net or from the cloud in HD to the TV. Spectral's mission is to integrate this digital world into an attractive living environment. Analogous to smartphones and smart TVs, we are developing smart furniture - elegant home furniture with intelligent additional functions.