Stone Temple Pilots – Purple


Analogue Productions (Atlantic 75 Series). Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Atlantic Records. Stone Temple Pilot’s No. 1 charting second album. Pre-order now due August 2024

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Stone Temple Pilots – Purple

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple

Purple, the second studio album released in 1994 by the STP. stands as a monumental achievement in the band’s career and a defining moment in the grunge and alternative rock music scene of the 1990s.

With a potent blend of raw energy, introspective lyrics and masterful musicianship, Purple not only catapulted STP. to superstardom, but it also marked a significant evolution in the band’s sound.

The album, building on the foundations laid by the band’s debut album Core, was a huge success for the band, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and quickly achieving multi-platinum status, worldwide.

Its chart-topping single, “Interstate Love Song,” became an anthem for a generation, and the album as a whole showcased the band’s artistic prowess.

Lyrically, “Purple” also revealed a more introspective and mature side of STP.

Scott Weiland’s songwriting delved into personal struggles and emotions, addressing themes of addiction, love, and self-discovery.

This depth added a layer of authenticity to the album, allowing listeners to connect with the band on a profound level.

Purple also demonstrated that Stone Temple Pilots were more than just another grunge act; they were a force to be reckoned with, capable of delivering powerful and emotionally resonant music. Purple remains a crucial chapter in the band’s history and an essential listen for any fan of rock music.

Analogue Productions has given the showstopping Purple the full reissue treatment.

Mastered directly from the original master tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound and cut at 45 RPM.

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings, and housed in a tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jacket by Stoughton Printing.

Track List: Stone Temple Pilots – Purple

Side 1

1. Meatplow

2. Vasoline

3. Lounge Fly

Side 2

1. Interstate Love Song

2. Still Remains

3. Pretty Penny

Stone Temple Pilots – Purple

Side 3

1. Silvergun Superman

2. Big Empty

3. Unglued

Side 4

1. Army Ants

2. Kitchenware & Candybars


Analogue Productions

Analogue Productions It was in 1992 that Acoustic Sounds owner Chad Kassem reissued his first Analogue Productions title, Virgil Thompson's The Plow That Broke The Plains, originally on Vanguard. Analogue Productions began as a vehicle for Kassem to license his favorite all-time recordings and reissue them as remastered and as a superior version to the original release. Since its inception AP has reissued hundreds of titles, ranging from classical to folk, pop, rock, blues and jazz. Included in the many highlights of Analogue Productions' history are the Fantasy 45 Jazz Reissues, the Blue Note Reissues, and premium box sets of the music of such legendary acts as The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nat "King" Cole and Norah Jones. True to its name, Analogue Productions works with the original analogue master tapes - more than any other reissue label! The result is superior sound - richer, warmer and more lifelike, than digital.

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