T+A PA 2500 R


T+A. use components that were developed for military applications, and therefore fulfil exacting requirements

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T+A PA 2500 R

T+A PA 2500 R

The Integrated Amplifier

The amplifier is effortlessly capable of controlling speakers which are extremely critical in terms of phase and impedance.

Power supply

The quality of any output stage is determined to a very great extent by the mains power supply as well as the circuit topology.

Mains power supply units must be as stable and resilient as possible, to ensure that the voltage they generate does not collapse even when very high peaks are encountered.

In conventional equipment this requires very large transformers, but the limited space available in the low-profile R-series machines spurred on our en­gineers to develop an ingenious alternative solution: a regulated high-frequency sine-wave mains power supply with generous reservoir capacity, capable of delivering up to 1200 Watts without problem.

The mains power supply can deliver very large quantities of current extremely quickly, even when the gradient of the peak signals is steep.

Their experience in building amplifiers over a period of thirty years has taught them the importance of the quality of audiophile modules for the final outcome in terms of sound quality, and that is why they choose their components with great care and then select them according to strict criteria, to ensure optimum characteristics for each specific application.


T+A use low-loss mica capacitors with silver electrodes, zero-induction resistors, precision low-noise audio resistors, and nickel-free gold- or rhodium plated terminals specially manufactured for T+A.

Many of these components were developed for military applications, and therefore fulfil exacting requirements in terms of quality and durability.

Another in-house development for the latest R-series is a completely new and very fast data bus for data exchange between the devices, which makes it possible to control a whole system with a single remote control handset.

Alternatively, if the system includes an MP 2000 R, the equipment can be controlled using the T+A App for iOS or Android.

Both amplifiers are equipped with a sophisticated protective circuit which is situated outside the signal path, and therefore cannot possibly have any adverse effect on sound quality.

The protective circuit constantly compares the input signal before the output stage with the output signal, and instantaneously switches off the output relays if it detects the slightest deviation (clipping, distortion, etc.).

The protective circuit is also triggered if overheating occurs, or if a short-circuit is present at the outputs.

All the electronic circuitry for controlling the machines is recessed into the solid aluminum front profile, where the shielding effect is outstanding.

The front panel features a bright, dimmable screen (VFD) and control knobs with variable lighting.

Specifications T+A PA 2500 R

Specifications T+A PA 2500 R

Pre-amplifier stage

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB

0,5 Hz – 300 kHz

Signal / noise ratio, unweighted / A-weighted

105 / 109 dB

Total harmonic distortion/Intermodulation

< 0,001 % / < 0,001 %

Channel separation

> 90 dB


Switchable, variable to suit loudspeaker efficiency

Tone controls

Switchable, channel-separate
−6 … +8 dB
−6 … +8 dB

Nominal input sensitivity

High level (RCA)

4 × 250 mV … 4 Veff/20 kOhms

Balanced (XLR)

3 × 500 mV … 8 Veff/5 kOhms

Phono-MM (optional*)
*Phono module replaces one high-level input

1 – 5 mV,
16 Capacitances

Phono-MC (optional*)
*Phono module replaces one high-level input

60 – 1000 µV,
16 Impedances



50 Ohms


Nom 1 Veff, Max 9,5 Veff, 75 Ohms


Nom 1,45 Veff, Max 19,6 Veff, 75 Ohms

Output stage

Nominal output per channel

into 8 Ohms 140 Watts
into 4 Ohms 280 Watts
into 2 Ohms 560 Watts

Frequency response + 0/– 3 dB

1 Hz – 150 kHz

Slew rate

60 V/µs

Damping factor

> 65

Total harmonic distortion

< 0,02 %

Reservoir capacity

120000 µF

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Control interface


Remote control


Mains connection

100 – 120 V or 200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. 2000 Watt


< 0,5 W

Additional features

Trigger input +5V … 20V via adapter plug for remote power-on
Input 3 (symmetrical) or 5 (asymmetrical) can be configured as Surround Pass Through

Optional Accessories

PHE-P/PA R MM or MC phono content_default | Power Three HD (Carbon) | Power Bar | Audio Quad (Carbon) | Speaker Hex (Carbon)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

16,5 × 46 × 40,5 cm


14,5 kg


Silver anodised aluminium, black anodised aluminium, brushed

Specifications T+A PA 2500 R Silver

Additional information


Black, Silver



Actually they are scientists…. Ever since 1978 their driving force has been curiosity. T+A's aim was to define the framework of the possible, and push its limits a little further each day, and that’s what formed the stone of this company. They always aspired to the creation of new findings rather than the exploitation of existing knowledge. They were determined to carve out their own advances, and not simply follow the progress of technology. Satisfying this goal requires a team of fifteen designers and developers to create every device in their headquarters in Herford. From the initial design, developing every single circuit board and finishing with the software code – the stage which brings all the component parts together to form a grand ensemble – all devices are built in Herford. They are permeated by the belief on which this company was founded, and which drives athem forward every day. They don’t build mass products, they build accoustic treasures, they build heartbeats, goosebumps and enthusiasm.

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