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NS1 Black



NS1 The NS1 Streamer acts as a powerful and versatile bridge between the internet, your network and your music system. The Streamer enables you to access the vast libraries of music available via the many internet streaming services. It also provides playback of audio files attached via USB stick and network attached storage. Streaming and… Read more »

Sumiko Oyster

Sumiko Sumiko Oyster


Sumiko Oyster The bonded spherical stylus and rugged generator assembly of the Oyster makes it perfect for those seeking a cost-effective moving magnet cartridge that can be used in a wide range of applications. The bonded spherical stylus, alloy cantilever and rugged generator assembly of the Oyster makes it perfect for those seeking a cost-effective moving… Read more »

XM5 Silver

Exposure HiFi XM5


XM5 The Exposure XM5 integrated amplifier is part of Exposure’s recently introduced XM series of compact half width components. It combines a 60 watts per channel integrated amplifier, a DAC with asynchronous USB and DSD support, and a moving magnet phono stage XM5 Integrated Amplifier Features Large 200VA custom-made toroidal power transformer High quality all… Read more »

Arcam PA720

Arcam PA720


Arcam PA720 Exceptional Power, Immersive Sound The Arcam PA720 is a high-performance power amplifier that delivers 7 channels of efficient Class G amplification. With an impressive 140W per channel, the PA720 is designed to offer the greatest flexibility and power without compromising on control. Featuring the best-in-class components including a toroidal based power supply, acoustically… Read more »

Chord Electronics Chord 2go


Chord 2go The 2go streamer/server transforms the abilities of the Hugo 2, adding both Ethernet and wireless streaming, plus 4 TB of microSD card storage to the award-winning DAC/pre/headphone amp. Chord 2go is a high-performance streamer/server that transforms the Hugo 2 DAC into a fully featured Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled device with up to 4 TB… Read more »

Totem Tribe III Design Red

Totem Totem Tribe III

£1950.00 Each

Totem Tribe III With cutting-edge patented technology, the Tribe is luxuriously detailed and perfectly proportioned. Exclusively designed, they are among the slimmest wall speakers available, offering a brocade of rich harmonics with world-leading on- and off-axis dispersion and frequency range. The Tribe III is a true full-range speaker that activates sound naturally and effortlessly with… Read more »

Sony UBP-X1100ES

Sony Sony UBP-X1100ES


 Sony UBP-X1100ES Bring the ultimate multimedia entertainment into your home, with optimised features for custom installation Come home to ultimate entertainment: the UBP-X1100ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc™ Player sets new standards in immersive entertainment for home cinema/audio-visual enthusiasts and custom installers. This feature-packed universal player provides a complete solution for reproduction of the highest quality… Read more »

Exposure XM CD Silver

Exposure HiFi Exposure XM CD


Exposure XM CD The Exposure XM CD player is Exposure’s latest CD player and forms part of Exposure’s XM series of compact half width components. It uses a top loading mechanism with a magnetic retaining puck to secure the disc. The half-width Exposure XM CD can be used as a fully-fledged CD player, or solely… Read more »

Fyne Audio Fyne Audio 502SP


Fyne Audio 502SP SP STANDS FOR SPECIAL PRODUCTION Special Production (SP) models distil some of Fyne’s best components and engineering into a unique loudspeaker, optimised by their Technical Director Dr Paul Mills and hand built in the UK by their Special Projects team. Improving on the F502, the SP edition uses the premium 200mm (8in)… Read more »