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Project VC-S2 Alu


VC-S2 ALU   The VC-S2 ALU elevates the performance of affordable record cleaning solutions to new levels. Based on years of experience and research, this model boasts superior performance and the ultimate ease of use. Boasting a striking aluminium surface that’s not only visually appealing but is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising… Read more »

Naim NAC 252 Angled

Naim Audio Naim NAC 252

£6999.00 Excluding Supercap DR

Naim NAC 252  Classic Naim Audio control and clarity Like many of their products, the NAC 252 stems from good stock: it descends directly from the NAC 52, still one of the finest preamplifiers ever made. Capable of exceptional clarity, its power supply components reside in a separate enclosure: the SuperCap power supply unit. This… Read more »

Mohican CD Player

Hegel Mohican CD Player


Mohican CD Player Thousands of people still own thousands of CDs. Some even prefer playing a physical disc, rather than streaming off their phone, when really enjoying their audio system. There is no lack of CD-players, but nowadays most of them are trying to be “everything”. They should play SACD, have digital inputs, support DSD… Read more »

Hegel H120


H120 Standing on the shoulders of GIANTS, the H120 carries forward the proud history of HEGEL amplifiers. The multi award winning designs that over the years have dazzled listeners with their combination of raw dynamics and delicate naturality. The H120 carries that legacy with it, but in a smaller and more affordable package. “If I… Read more »

Hegel H590


H590 A MASTER at musicality. The COMMANDER of any set of loudspeakers. H590 is the name of Hegel’s ultimate integrated amplifier. The H590 includes user-friendly services such as Apple AirPlay, while at the same time embracing ultra high-performance formats like DSD. With SoundEngine 2 technology and Hegel’s finest amplifier implementation to date, the H590 really… Read more »

705 Signature

Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature


705 Signature Introducing the new 700 Series Signature. The 700 Series Signature combines state-of-the-art engineering with the highest possible standards of design, finish and quality. Every speaker is crafted with care, honed by experience and perfected with passion. The 705 Signature is finished in exclusive Datuk Gloss and features optimised crossovers, a Continuum cone mid/bass… Read more »

Audioquest Niagara 5000

Audioquest Niagara 5000


Niagara 5000 Today’s power amplifiers are being taxed for instantaneous peak-current demand, even when they’re driven at modest volumes. Although they have seen a substantial increase in dynamics from much of their audio software, the loudspeakers they employ to reproduce them are often no more efficient than they were two to four decades ago. This… Read more »


JBL JBL L82 Classic


JBL L82 Classic The JBL L82 Classic is a compact 8-inch (200mm) 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker featuring JBL’s advanced acoustic technologies in combination with the iconic retro inspired style of its larger family member: the L100 Classic. The vintage design of the L82 Classic features a genuine walnut satin wood veneer cabinet and a striking Quadrex… Read more »

Totem Kin Sub

Totem Totem Kin Sub


Totem Kin Sub Totem Kin Sub, it is clear and coherent in all applications. In such a small package its dynamic capabilities are truly remarkable. The tightly sealed cabinet further expands placement potential. Packed into an ultra small footprint, the KIN Sub’s refined technology comes on strong with hefty performance and scale. In nearly all… Read more »