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Our latest home cinema and home audio installation portfolio can be found here. Click on a installation for full details and pictures.


Panasonic PW 6 Plasma screen MK 125 on dedicated stands (front main speakers) MK 125 C (centre channel) MK MX 350 THX (Active subwoofer) MK CS 35 (rear Tripole speakers) Lexicon RT 10 (DVD Transport) Pioneer DVR 720 H (DVD recorder) Lexicon MC 8B (AV Processor) Krell showcase (5 channel power amplifier) Sky Plus All… Read more »

Chelsea Bridge

Pioneer 43 MXE 1 43” plasma screen Arcam DV 78 DVD player Arcam AVR 300 Amplifier/ receiver Speakercraft MT 8 front left, centre & right speaker Kef PSW 2500 Subwoofer Audica CS floorstanding rear speakers Price excludes false wall

St Johns Wood

Pioneer 505 XDE Plasma Artcoustic DF 75 front main speakers Artcoustic DF Multi Centre channel Artcoustic Diablo rear speakers MK MX 700 Subwoofer Arcam DV 79 HDMi DVD Player Arcam AVR 300 Amplifier Arcam FMJ P 35 Power amplifier driving front Artcoustic DF 75 Arcam P 90 3 channel driving Centre & rear speakers Arcam… Read more »


Pioneer PDP 435 XDE Plasma Arcam DV 79 HDMI DVD Player Arcam AVR 300 amplifier 3 x MK K 17 Front Left , Centre & Right speakers all hidden behind fabric fronts 1 pair MK CS 22 Tripole speakers in white either side of sofa not shown in image 1 x MK KX 10 subwoofer… Read more »


The system is used 70% of the time with the Plasma and 30% with music. Equipment List Pioneer PDP 434 HDE (plasma) Pioneer DV 868 (DVD Player with HDMI) TagMclaren AV 32R DP DAB (processor with DAB Module) TagMclaren 100 x 5 (Power amplifier) Artcoustic DF 75 (Front main speakers) Artcoustic DF Multi (Centre speaker)… Read more »

Boulters Lock

This room had been decorated recently, therefore making channels was not an option, but we were able to find small gaps within walls to hide our cabling. The Artcoustic Multi under the plasma is used for front left, Centre, and front right speaker. The subwoofer is hidden from view behind seating area, we used the… Read more »

Tom & Dicks

The budget was more Hollywood than art flic, the ground floor hints at this, with chairs made from Sky blue and yellow ostrich. But it is upstairs where the real treasure lie. If you are an antiques buff, the authentic British art deco furniture might make you swoon. Even if you’re unmoved by the 1920’s… Read more »

East Twickenham

System details Pioneer 434 HDE Plasma Arcam DV 79 HDMI player Sky + Satellite system Bose Lifestyle 50 system Arca 300 AV cabinet (Cherry) Jamo Art wall speakers (Dining room) 17 Samsung LCD TV (Kitchen Tambour unit) Bose 161 Speakers (Kitchen) 2 x Russound DPA Power amplifers ( feeding Dining & Kitchen area)


Pioneer 434 HDE (plasma) Motorised wall bracket Harman Kardon DVD 30 (DVD Player) Denon AVR 3805 (Amplifier) The above were purchased with a view to upgrading over the next 6 months. Artcoustic Diablo (Front main speakers) Artcoustic DF Multi (Centre channel Artcoustic Diablo Mini x 2 (Rear Speakers& Sides) Velodyne DD 12 (Digital Drive Subwoofer)… Read more »